Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11/16 Pictures

The Mejia family :) 
They have six kids, he's from El Salvador and she's from Guatemala
they are the cutest family ever! I love them
One of the coldest I have ever been... and yes,
 my companion doesn't have tights on. She is CRAZY! 
It was soooooo so so so cold that night up there overlooking the city 
Hermana Allphin and Sister Wagstaff!! 
 Karla came up to the ward and it was so good to see her :)
 Are you ready for the coolest sunset you will ever see? I LOVE CANADA
Seriously, the sunset last night was probably top 3 of the most
 amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  Canadian sunsets are to die for 
I'm obsessed with the city and the huge sky! 
 Off in the distance you can see the Olympic Park! The ski hills are lit up every night and it's super pretty 
Beneflora! One of my favorite less actives.. we visit her every week :) 
 So people in Canada don't have garages that connect to the front of their houses... they have these SUPER ghetto allies behind their houses where they park and it's so sketchy haha and we're throwing out our gang sign that we made with our Mission Ward Leader who's from Mexico hahaha

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