Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28/16 Group Email

Another week in the best mission in the world! Not too much happened this week..

We are now back to two! Hermana Shnebs is with Hermana Amaller (so happy to have her up here in El Barrio!) Hermana Vera and I had a really good lesson with our investigator, Evelyn, about the word of wisdom! Man her face when we told her that we don't drink tea or coffee...haha it was pretty funny, but she said she's going to try and stop drinking coffee! She drinks it every single day.. pretty crazy! She hastn' come to church yet, and probably won't for awhile due to things at home, but she is awesome and I really love her!

Ruby and Eric Fernando are moving tomorrow! I am going to miss them so much. They have honestly been such angels. Ruby has helped me so much throughout my mission! When times were hard, she was always a best friend. One of my fav memories with her was about a month ago. We stopped by during our lunch hour and she told us that she was moving! Hermana Vera, her and I all laid on the floor and ate Halloween candy and we had a heart to heat. Ruby gave us advice on life and everything. I love her! It was so sweet! Yesterady they both spoke during church.. and Eric is really quiet, so when we would be at their house, he was usually in the other room doing other things and would always come out and listen to our message. So I never really was super close with him.. but in his talk yesterday, he told us how lucky they ahve been to have us. He said that we have been angels in their lives and he pubically thanked the sister missionaries for all that we've done while they have been here. He said that through all the economic problems they had, they never once were without food, and he says he knows it's because they have faithfully fed the missionaries. He even started to cry! It was so sweet! I had no idea he thought about us in that way and it was really sweet to hear. I am going to miss them so much.. they definitly are "my mission family" but at least they are moving to states so I will still be able to see them!

Well life is good! Still hasn't snowed up here in Canada.. kind of weird, but it's okay! It's good for the missionary work. Love you all!

Hermana Dean

11/28/16 Pictures

My generation!! I got to meet my great-granddaughter! pretty crazy.. that doesn't really happen in the Spanish Program.  
Sandra and Mama Lola! Two of my previous investigators in La Rama! Mama Lola (92!) got baptized right after I left la Rama in Sept.. and Sandra got baptized this weekend! I was so sad I couldn't be there for both of them, but I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to teach them both and help them in their journey of coming unto Christ. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

1121/16 Group Email

Hi fam!

This week was full of miracles!! So something that was sweet.. we got a random call from a random number and it was LUIS! My recent convert from last October!! He is down in Tijuana right now and i don't know why, but he called me and wow it was amazing! It was sooo sweet to hear from him and talk to him. He is doing SO good and is getting his Patriarchal blessing, has a high calling, and is getting ready for the temple. It made my heart so happy <3

So on Saturday night we finished eating dinner and we decided to head over to this potencial's house.. Sergio. I had only met him a few times, but nothing had really come of it. So we went over.. he opened the door, let us in, and was DUMBFOUNDED that we were there! He said "literally a few hours ago, I left my house to get a pizza, and as I walked out the front door I thought 'what are the muchachas from the church doing right now? I haven't seen them in awhile' and now you are here!" It was the coolest thing! Seriously, his mind was blown. He told us that like 4 times throughout the visit.. so it was pretty cool! We were able to testify that we really are sent from the Lord and we are doing his work. We were all pretty pumped!

So we have an investigator, who's not progressing whatsoever and doesn't wanna meet with us.. BUT something cool happened! We got to an appt like 7 minutes early, so we decided to call her. We call her and she keeps saying "the missionaries, the missionaires, i met other missionaires! Here! talk to them" and hands off the phone.. we were all so confused because we had no clue what she was talking about.. then I hear an Elder start talking to me!! Turns out, right at the EXACT moment that we called her, she was walking up to her apartment with a heavy suitcase, and some Elders saw her and asked to help her and she said yes! It was nuts.. something like that has never happened on my mission! None of us knew the other Elders, but it was fun to talk to them and share that way crazy moment! then Margarita started talking to us again and she her mind was blown that we called her right then.. we were like "hermana, it is a sign!" she totally agreed. Don't think she'll progress though.. but that's okay haha it was still cool!

We ate dinner with the familia Reyes, Garcia, and Fernando and wow it was so fun. I love those people will all of my heart. They are amazing! They are all sooo funny and we seriously were all laughing the entire night. I felt like I was hanging out with my family. It was so fun! They are so close to my heart. It was cool though because the Garcia's just got baptized a couple weeks ago and during the dinner, all the recent converts just started testifying of how this is the true church! They said that the Elders sent missionaries to his family in Colombia, the missionaries found them, and his Mom went to church! And he kept saying how she felt so loved and that they did the exact same thing in that church that we do here in ours.. and wow it was awesome. We have some solid recent converts right now!

Well life is good! I love being a missionary. It really does make me so happy.. we were downtown street contacting and wow we met quite the lady who had quite the things to say.. and normally, I would've wanted to punch her (seriously though.. it was that bad what she was yelling at us) but we just walked away and it didn't even phase me! The Lord really is with us as we are out doing his work. I have learned so much and I learn more and more every day. This is the true gospel!

Hermana Dean

11/21/16 Pictures

They have these random "place a book" signs.. so I hit one up with the BOM
Northern lights! They were soooo bright, this pic doesn't do it justice at all, but it was so beautiful! 
Downtown street contacting (it was freezing!)
 Dinner with Reyes, Garcia y Fernando.. we played a board game that Hno Fernando made, it's basically sorry. I have never laughed so much, it was so fun! 
Ruby moves down to the states next week! love her
Language training meeting with Span program 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/14/16 Group Email

Hey fam!

Another great week up here in Canada. The weather has been beautiful! (sorry about no snow for skiing.. but it's good up here for missionary work! haha) So now that we are on a lovely trio, we are working with hermana schenbs' investigators. So last week we met with a father and a son named Juan and Jose (how much more latino could they be?) and had a lesson with the fellowship family. We taught them the plan of salvation and it was amazing! I sure do love teaching that lesson. Juan is a single dad who just barely got custody of his son. He wasn't able to have him because he wasn't making very good choices.. but now that he has his son, he wants to change. So after the lesson I got the strongest feeling to talk to him about baptism.. So I whispered to Hermana schnebs "have you talked about baptism with him??" she said a little.. so then I just flat out asked him "so what do you think about baptism?" and at first he was hesitant, but then he opened up and Hermana Schnebs came in with the bomb! she said "we feel that you could be prepared to get baptized the 31 of December.. It's a Saturday and is the last day of this year. You would wash away all your past and be able to start a new year completely clean" IT WAS THE COOLEST MOMENT EVER!! The spirit filled the room! And he got tears in his eyes and started smiling and said "yeah.. i want that" and then his 9 year old son was grabbed his arm and looked at him and said "dad! can we do it!? i wanna do it!" and the fellowship friend was over on the other side of the room just bawling.. it was really really neat. Lessons like that make this missionary work so worth it!

Another really amazing lesson we had, was the other night we ate dinner with Helen Martinez (the mom of Hermana Vera's boyfriend, but don't worry, her boyfriend lives in Toronto! So we spend a lot of time with her and we're super super close!) Hermano Fernando (my favorite man) and Hermano Soto! We ate dinner and then afterward we read Alma 13:3, which talks about how we were predestined to come here.. because we had a lot of faith and we did "buneas obras" we were able to come down here. So we shared that and then EVERYONE started talking deep doctrine.. but it was such cool doctrine! My mind was being blown! Those are three really amazing members and we were all sharing scirptures about pre-earth life and what we did in heaven to be able to have the privilege of having the gospel in our lives. It was amazing! I love these members so much, I feel like I'm at home when I'm with them.

We had a lesson with a member who lives downtown, so we took the train and contacted down there for a bit. I love downtown contacting! You meet some: nice, mean, CRAZY, in love with you, happy, sad, depressed, funny people. Seriously.. you meet every single type of person. It makes it quite the adventure. Anyways, it's a really spiritual experience going downtown contacting because they are so many people, it's impossible to contact them all. As we were walking, I was looking ahead and this one guy was basically glowing. Out of all the other people, he was jumping out to me, the spirit telling me that we needed to talk to him. So we bypassed all the other people and he even had headphones on, but that never stops me lol, so I wave him down and he immediatly takes the headphones out and stops. So we start talking and he knew that we were Mormons and he even has been to our church when he lived in Edmonton! He didn't give us his number or anything, but we left him with a card and our testimonies. But it was really amazing to see that out of all the other people on the street, God was pointing to him. He needed to hear about our message, and it turned out that he knew about our church! 7 good experiences with a Mormon and people's hearts soften to learn about our gospel!

I love this work! I love being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. He really does guide us to who He wants us to talk to. I love getting out of my shell and talking to people about the gospel. It's a once in a life opportunity, but it makes me so happy!
Have a good week!
Hermana Dean

11/14/16 Pictures

I can cook FLAUTAS oh yeah! get pumped, they are so good! 
We taught up by the temple, so we went and walked around! so pretty, the sunset was so die for
Walking through downtown to visit a less active