Tuesday, June 28, 2016

06/27/ Group Email

Hi fam!
Another good week up here in the pretty North. It's been soooo rainy, but so beautiful. Not too much to report on, a pretty normal week. One cool experience though.. so last week we met the kid on the train and we set up a lesson. Well he lives pretty dang far, so we got on the train and road it alllllll the way up to the top of the city (which is far haha) then we get out and have about ten minutes before the lesson. We find 45th and start looking for house number 171... well we are in the 2000s hahah soooo we had a nice, long walk / run ahead of us. We finally get there AND he forgot. Which was a bummer, but it was okay. So we start walking back and it starts POURING rain. Like one of the hardest rainstorms I've ever seen. And I start praying for a member. And de repente we hear "The sister missionaries!" So we run over and this family let's us in! As we were walking in, the lady says "One of you must've been praying because we had the strongest feeling to call out to you" umm yes, I was! haha it was a pretty cool tender mercy.

Another good tender mercy was when we were caught in the rain (again) and the Lord basically led us to a less active's house who we got in with, and then afterward we knocked an inv. door who is living in the states right now, but her sister answered and let us in and we taught a lesson and she wants us to come back!! so that was excited!!! being caught in the rain, really softens people's hearts haha. We had a lesson with our inv. Alex. It was... quite the lesson. We had the perfect members, luckily, because he had a billion questions. He really likes to investigate things, so he definitely found some anti - mormon vids and websites and had sooo many questions about the urim and tumim and the wives of jose smith and the three testigos and how they saw the gold plates. It was crazy and so intense, but bueno it ended good and for the least, he still wants to learn!

Well I really love this work. I love being a missionary and couldn't ask for a better blessing then to serve the Latinos in Canada. I love it here! have a good week!

Hermana Dean

06/27/16 Pictures

 La familia Sandoval 
  Hermana Colorado
 Hermana Canesto

Monday, June 20, 2016

06/20/16 Group Email

Hey family!! This week was gooood! It first started off with a crazy cool miracle.  Literally, every single thing we did added up to this miracle. I'll walk you through it..

We were driving to the train station and I was going to go to Anderson, because it's closer to home.  Well the spirit told me No, go to Heritage station. So I obey. As we are about to pull up, we get a call from the sisters we live with. They need something in our car. So we drive up to the chapel and meet them. That takes about 30 minutes.  Which, wouldn't have happened if we had already been on the train... anyways, we head up downtown.  We switch onto the second train and end up standing by this guy from Brazil. We start talking, super strong accent.  We then bring up english classes and he says he's interested, RIGHT as the doors open and he has to get off.  So we jump off with him, write down our info, and wait for the next train.  As it pulls up, ALL THREE of us see the first cart, but then say outloud "hmmm we should go in the second one" we get on and are standing up in the front, speaking spanish, of course.  We then notice this muchacho looking up at us. He's sitting a couple rows back, so we can't really talk to him, but he was 150% Latino.  Like there are the Latinos where it takes a sec to see if they truly are Latino, but then there are those who just look sooooo Latino. That was him.  We still couldn't get to him and our stop was coming up.  I was praying that he would get off with us.  The train stopped and.. HE STOOD UP.  Oh man, best feeling ever.  We then get off and are able to contact him.  Hugo from Colombia.  He's probably 20 ish.  We started talking about why we are here and literally as we say "We teach about Jesus Christ and" he says "I'm interested! Where is your church?" What the!!! Nunca pasa! So yeah, we were pretty stoked! And afterwards, we started putting everything together and every single thing we did during that day, led up to that single train car that we were on, which was the exact same one that he was on. It was so cool.  Follow the spirit, that's all I gotta say.

On Saturday night we had Stake conference and before the meeting we started talking with this member. He was white and started talking to us in Spanish and kept on telling us three that we have such a glow. He was so nice! Well fast forward, it was Elder Nash from the 70! hahah like straight outta Utah! After we realized we were like "ohhh whoops we didn't even know!" but we got to talk to him again after the meeting, so it was super neat.  But he told a story about how he was down in Georgia and asked the Stake President to find the most hard hearted person that he could.  So he found a less active, ex bishop, who one day, just got up and left the church. Nobody knew why. But he said he never wanted contact with the church again.  So Elder Nash and the Stake President were there on his porch, when the man drove around the corner on a golf cart. and Elder Nash said that in that moment, he never felt such love. He said he turned and ran down the porch, ran to the street, stopped his golf cart, and just hugged this man and told him "I love you, and the Master loves you. And He needs you." The ex bishop started sobbing and him and his entire family reactived.  Elder Nash said that it wasn't anything that he did... he wasn't magic or anything like that. But he said that it was the power of love.  If you truly love someone, you can do anything. It was a really amazing talk and the spirit was sooo strong.

So we have this investigator named Alex. He did not want to pray in front of us... he was so against it.  But last week, we made him promise us that he would pray with us the following lesson.  The following lesson comes, and he says he doesn't want to pray. WELL, we had the most amazing thing. I've done it once, when I was teaching Esperanza.  We all knelt down, us three, the member and Alex and we all prayed.  I started, we went around the circle and ended with Alex.  IT WAS THE COOLEST. The spirit was sooooo strong.  We prayed for him to know that he can be ready to be baptized the 9th of julio and well, we'll see what happens, but I KNOW that he felt the spirit.  It was such a power. The power of prayer!

I love being a missionary.  Walking the streets of Canada, finding Latinos and inviting people to come unto Christ... is the best thing ever. I'm so happy here! Have an amazing week.

All my love
Hermana Dean

06/20/16 Pictures

Dinner with the family Cano from Peru.. they helped celebrate the birthday of Hermana Amaller
The sunsets have gotten soooo beautiful  
 Studies at Heritage park