Monday, June 13, 2016

06/13/16 Group Email

Wow! WHAT A WEEK. It was so long, but one of the best ones yet.
Last Monday and Tuesday, we said good bye and I packed up all my stuff (which I have accumulated so much..) We came down and picked up Hermana Amaller on Wednesday morning, and made the change. I was pretty nervous leaving my last area.. having to get TWO new comps, and having to live with another set of Sisters. But oh my gosh, I couldn't be happier!! I LOVE it here. My comps and I have been killing it, we have been working sooo hard and we taught so many lessons this weekend! Hermana Schenbly is a doll and has done so well with the area. Hermana Amaller and I are basically the same person and she was born to be a missionary. So yeah, life is sooo good right now. I couldn't be happier. And it's been so cool to see the members that I served around last year! I can understand them now, yay!

On Saturday, we road tripped down to Lethbridge, where the entire mission met up, and President Russell Nelson, Elder Soares, and Elder Bassett were there. It was soooo cool. They all spoke, including their wives and Pres and Sis Miles, and it was the most incredible meeting. Everything they talked about were so different, but so powerful! Definitely a super amazing boost! The drive was beautiful. The skies here are so giant I will never get over it. It's amazing, definitely the perfect mission for me. We have a couple investigators, but we taught two lessons to this kid named Alex. He's from Colombia and comes to our english classes, but doesn't speak a WORD of English. And last night, nobody else came, so it just turned into a lesson. He is super cool and is really interested. So we're hoping that everything works out! Hermana Amaller was sooo bold with him, which then made me so bold haha it was probably the boldest I've ever been in a lesson! It was crazy, he was questioning me why women will never have the Priesthood and then he said something like "well I think God will change his mind. You'll get it some day" and oh man I don't know what happened, but I did not like that comment. I responded... very kindly, but very boldly haha. Hermana Schnebly is super timid, but we'll break her out of her shell soon! We are a killer trio and I'm so excited to see what things we have in store!

So we were walking around the other day and as we were headed back to our car, we see this guy pulling stuff out of the trunk. We start talking and find out he was performing at the church. We talk a little more and it literally turned into him kneeling before us, with his guitar, serenading us in Spanish. It was just one of those moments where we turned around, looked at each other, and just all lost it haha, making memories every day out here

Another story... very embarrassing... we were eating dinner and we were talking about schools and stuff and right as the member covered his mouth, he asked me a question. But since his mouth was covered, it totally was mumbled so I couldn't hear it! In this split moment, you have two choices... just say something and pray that it is right, or ask for him to repeat it, which is always the worst choice. So I just decide to go for it and I say 2014.. thinking he asked what year I graduated. Well, everyone starts dying laughing and my face goes bright red and he repeats the question.. he asked me when I was born. It was so embarrassing. I thought Hermana Amaller was going to pass out she was laughing so hard hahah! It was funny and as we left they called out "see you around, you two year old!" they'll never let me live it downnnn.

well I love it here! I'm so happy. We have so many good things coming our way! I was nervous to leave and get with my new companions, but my testimony has grown this past week that God knows each one of us perfectly and His plan is always the best plan. I'm so happy to be a missionary! There is no better feeling than being able to preach this gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all!

Hermana Dean

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