Monday, June 6, 2016

06/06/16 Group Email

Hi fam! This week was great, like always!
So a couple things that happened...

The other night, our lesson cancelled with our inv. which was a big bummer! We remembered that we had a referral from the Elders, so we decided to go over in that area. We get out, knock the door, but nobody answers. We see a group of kids, so we walk over and ask them if they know anybody who speaks Spanish. The kid says, "I do!" And starts talking to us. He's 11, named Cesar, from Colombia and lives around the area. He then says, "I'll show you everyone who speaks Spanish!" Fast forward 45 minutes and he had knocked THIRTEEN doors with us, telling his friends that "These muchachas from the states are learning Spanish and are missionaries and want to share a message" hahaa it was the coolest thing ever! Honestly, I think it was the coolest thing that has happened on my mission so far. It was craaaazy!!! 13 referrals this kid gave us, he literally told us every single houses in that complex that spoke Spanish. AND they are all from Colombia, so if we can get just one of the families, we can get them all! Suuuuch a miracle. Biggest miracle ever!

The other day, we were out headed into the house of the family Perez when we make eye contact with this little lady who's walking up the street. She looks at us as if saying, "Come talk to me!" which never happens. We go over and this sweet little Philippine lady starts bawling and telling us her life story. She kept grabbing onto us and telling asking "Can I trust God?" over and over. It was the coolest thing ever to be able to hug and say "Yes, you can!" I had the overwhelming impression to giver her a Book of Mormon, which she was so excited about. We read her a verse and testified that she can trust God and that He does love her. She kept begging us to come back and visit her so we could bring God into her life. We passed her off, so hopefully everything works out! There is seriously nothing better than being able to look at someone who has lost all hope, and testify to them that there is a God, and that He lives and loves us. One of the things about being a missionary that I will never forget.

On Saturday we got invited to do a panel at the Stake Relief Society party. They had a section of the day on Missionary work, so it was us, a returned couple that served in Greek, and a Sister who got back from Toronto about a month ago. We had a list of questions to answer and then the audience asked us questions. It was so cool! Seriously, I love being a missionary! Being able to sit up there and answer all those questions, for example "Why did you chose to serve? What is your favorite part about being a missionary? How did you feel when you got your call?" Etc. etc. It just made me realize that this is an opporunity of a life time, something I will never be able to live again. It made me so grateful to be a missionary and to really realize all the amazing experiences I have had while being here. Whether it's the testimony I've gained as I've testified over and over of the gospel, or the people that have touched me and changed my life, or all the times I've had to fall to my knees and ask for strength to know how to help these people we are teaching. I am just so grateful and as I sat up there, I was touched with how lucky I am to be a missionary. It was then cool after the presenation, a sweet little old lady thanked us and told us how strongly she felt the spirit and how she truly knows we are servants of God. A really really neat experience.

Well I'm happy here! I'm headed to a new area.... (well the area that I was born in!) I've been here for 5 transfers, since last October. It will fun! I'm training a new Hermana, with another Hermana! We will be in a three leg. I'm nervous, but super excited! I will keep you all posted!
Lots of love,

Hermana Dean

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