Tuesday, June 28, 2016

06/27/ Group Email

Hi fam!
Another good week up here in the pretty North. It's been soooo rainy, but so beautiful. Not too much to report on, a pretty normal week. One cool experience though.. so last week we met the kid on the train and we set up a lesson. Well he lives pretty dang far, so we got on the train and road it alllllll the way up to the top of the city (which is far haha) then we get out and have about ten minutes before the lesson. We find 45th and start looking for house number 171... well we are in the 2000s hahah soooo we had a nice, long walk / run ahead of us. We finally get there AND he forgot. Which was a bummer, but it was okay. So we start walking back and it starts POURING rain. Like one of the hardest rainstorms I've ever seen. And I start praying for a member. And de repente we hear "The sister missionaries!" So we run over and this family let's us in! As we were walking in, the lady says "One of you must've been praying because we had the strongest feeling to call out to you" umm yes, I was! haha it was a pretty cool tender mercy.

Another good tender mercy was when we were caught in the rain (again) and the Lord basically led us to a less active's house who we got in with, and then afterward we knocked an inv. door who is living in the states right now, but her sister answered and let us in and we taught a lesson and she wants us to come back!! so that was excited!!! being caught in the rain, really softens people's hearts haha. We had a lesson with our inv. Alex. It was... quite the lesson. We had the perfect members, luckily, because he had a billion questions. He really likes to investigate things, so he definitely found some anti - mormon vids and websites and had sooo many questions about the urim and tumim and the wives of jose smith and the three testigos and how they saw the gold plates. It was crazy and so intense, but bueno it ended good and for the least, he still wants to learn!

Well I really love this work. I love being a missionary and couldn't ask for a better blessing then to serve the Latinos in Canada. I love it here! have a good week!

Hermana Dean

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