Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28/16 Group Email

Another week in the best mission in the world! Not too much happened this week..

We are now back to two! Hermana Shnebs is with Hermana Amaller (so happy to have her up here in El Barrio!) Hermana Vera and I had a really good lesson with our investigator, Evelyn, about the word of wisdom! Man her face when we told her that we don't drink tea or coffee...haha it was pretty funny, but she said she's going to try and stop drinking coffee! She drinks it every single day.. pretty crazy! She hastn' come to church yet, and probably won't for awhile due to things at home, but she is awesome and I really love her!

Ruby and Eric Fernando are moving tomorrow! I am going to miss them so much. They have honestly been such angels. Ruby has helped me so much throughout my mission! When times were hard, she was always a best friend. One of my fav memories with her was about a month ago. We stopped by during our lunch hour and she told us that she was moving! Hermana Vera, her and I all laid on the floor and ate Halloween candy and we had a heart to heat. Ruby gave us advice on life and everything. I love her! It was so sweet! Yesterady they both spoke during church.. and Eric is really quiet, so when we would be at their house, he was usually in the other room doing other things and would always come out and listen to our message. So I never really was super close with him.. but in his talk yesterday, he told us how lucky they ahve been to have us. He said that we have been angels in their lives and he pubically thanked the sister missionaries for all that we've done while they have been here. He said that through all the economic problems they had, they never once were without food, and he says he knows it's because they have faithfully fed the missionaries. He even started to cry! It was so sweet! I had no idea he thought about us in that way and it was really sweet to hear. I am going to miss them so much.. they definitly are "my mission family" but at least they are moving to states so I will still be able to see them!

Well life is good! Still hasn't snowed up here in Canada.. kind of weird, but it's okay! It's good for the missionary work. Love you all!

Hermana Dean

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