Monday, November 7, 2016

1107/16 Group Email

Hey Fam!

This week was good! I love being a missionary. We had the best party ever up here en el Barrio! seriously.. latinos know how to party. La Noche Cultural is the biggest event of the year.. so many people come! Everyone represents their pais and there is so much food and dancing. What's not to love? It was awesome and we were able to talk to soooo many people. La familia Reyes were there and they had so much fun! They couldn't believe how much fun everyone was having. It made my heart so happy to see them there, loving life!

We had an amazing lesson with the Reyes on Friday. We watched the Restoration and then a family from our ward knocks the door and they walk on in, they are also from the DR like Junior, so they are best friends, and after the video they shared their testimonies and it was incredible. SO many tears were shed! The Hermano who was there started talking about his missionaries that taught them and then he points right at me and looks at Lorena and Junior and says "you could live for a 100 years.. but you will never, ever forget her. she will always have a special place in your hearts" and the Lorena looked right at me and started nodding her head and cried! It was the most tender moment ever <3 Lorena said that she liked the part in the movie when Joseph Smith is in Liberty and the voice of the Lord comes and says "hold on a little longer.. thine afflictions are only for a short moment" she quoted that then started tearing up and said, that's exactly what the Lord said to me! I was praying and praying for Him to send me to the right church. I prayed over and over so that my family could dress up on Sundays and go worship the Lord. And finally, after the Lord told me my aflicction would only be for a short moment, we are all going to church, as a family. It was very powerful.. they are so solid! We have the most incredible lessons with them.

A cool miracle! A 17 year old girl just moved up here from El Salvador.. she's already a member, so we just went to visit her. I serilusly love her! (I sent a pic of her and I) we clicked so quickly.. her name is Telma and we are best friends! So at the end of her lesson, she asked us if we were in an area called Coventry last week.. we said yes.. and she said "did you knock the door of a Benjamin??" and I say "yes..." and she says "I was there!! That's my uncle!" WHAT!? Benjamin was SO nice and said that we could come back and teach them! and now.. we have their Niece who is already a member who will go with us!! we are so stoked.. such a huge miracle!! so.. pray for benjamin!

This weekend, la familia Garcia got baptized! I taught them back in Februrary with Hermana Morgan, but we had to pass them off to the elders. So they have been taeching them, and they finally got baptized! It was so beautiful!! and Junior Reyes spoke on baptism and gave his tesitmony.. it was amazing! So powerful. The work is going! I love it here, I really do. There are the most amazing people and I love being able to testify about my Savior everyday. Love you all!

Hermana Dean

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