Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11/16 Group Email

Oh my goodness.... this week was literally the best week ever!! Soooooo many miracles and so much happiness.  
SO last Sunday, our investigator was sitting next to me and asked "Where is the temple?" So I told him and said "Oh we're actually going to the temple this week!" Then on Wednesday morning, we get a text and he says "Hey can I come to the temple with you guys?" HERMANA AND I LITERALLY DIED.  So we came up and we walked around the temple grounds... in the FREEZING cold.... and taught him el plan de salvacion and it was soooo amazing.  One of the most incredible lessons I have ever been in. It was so powerful and the spirit was so strong and even though I couldn't feel any part of my body afterward, it was the best thing ever.  Then afterward we had an amazing session in the temple and ah the Calgary temple is to die for beautiful. Then to top it all off, we went over to our ward mission leader's house with his whole family, all the elders in el barrio, a less active, and a recent convert.  El 6 de Enero is a big holiday for Latinos, so we ate this huge Mexican dessert thing called abuelitas with chocolate and man it was the best moment ever.  I feel like I'm at home when I'm in the Fernandos house.  All 14 or so of us were sitting around in their living room, one of the Elders was telling a funny mission story and we were all cracking up and in that moment I just felt soooo happiest.  One of the happiest moments of my life for sure.  

Yesterday at church... everything was crazy. I have never been so tired by the time that we got home.  To start it off, we taught Bryan before church with Hermano Fernando... the coolest lesson ever! I shared the story about our car accident and how the espiritu santo es real and then my companion challeneged him to be baptized el 24 de enero and I told him that this morning we had been praying about a date, and the spirit told us that he would be ready by the 24th. Well after I said that, his mouth just dropped and he was said "that's the date I was thinking about too! How did you know?" Hermana just started crying and Hermano and I were just ear to ear grinning.. it was the coolest moment EVER! And we just told him the spirit is real, there's no other way we would've known.  So hopefully everything follows through and he is able to get baptized in TWO SUNDAYS! yay! 
Following the lesson, we went straight into reunion sacramental and of course Hermana and I had to speak haha AND I had to play all the songs of the reunion.. I felt like I was runnning everywhere.  I felt good about my talk! I decided I was not going to write everything down word for word because that is a goal that I have had my whole life that I've been wanting to change, and it went way well! It was Hermana's birthday yesterday, so when I got up the first thing I said was "quiero decir un feliz cumpleanos a mi companera! Te quiero mucho" and EVERYONE turned and looked at her and said "aweeee" and her face went bright red! Ah and then the entire day all I heard was "feliz cumpleanos!" I swear every single member told her Happy Birthday... it was sooo funny! 

So... as most of you know.... I sleep walk.  Hermana Ratliff has already seen some weird stuff that I've done / said sine we've been together haah but I think Saturday night tops everything that i've ever done.  (I was totally asleep for ALL of this...) Hermana wakes up to me standing by the wall, with the light on.  I was looking up at the window, because I had been dreaming that someone was sitting up there, creepy, and so I was looking for them.  Then Hermana says something, apparently I turned and looked at her, and then I JUMP onto her bed. She said it wasn't a little baby jump, it was a straight "both feet off the ground" jump. I start jumping on her bed singing Happy Birthday.. in Spanish... and then get off. Then I woke up and had no idea what was going on, and it was 12:51.... hahaha we definitley had such a good laugh the next morning! 

This week was so good! I absolutely love being a missionary in Canada.  I love the people I serve and all the incredible miracles I see every day. The Lord knows everything and he has in hand in our lives - so many miracles every day! 

Que tengan una linda semana!
Hermana Dean 

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