Monday, January 4, 2016

1/4/16 Group Email

Ah this week was wonderful! Just like every week out here as a Missionary :) 

So we had a lesson with our Investigator, Bryan, and it went really really well! He really wants to serve a mission someday! Heck yeah! Our member just basically told him he's gotta get baptized and he was super frank with him and up front, but it was exactly what he needed to hear.  The spirit just completely overcame me, and I looked him right in the eyes and told him how the mission is the best thing he could ever ever ever ever ever ever do for his life.  It was a super cool moment and I told him how the spirit was in the room and I could feel our Savior's presence. It was really powerful and afterward I was shaking because I had testified so hard! It was amazing, I love the feeling of testifying about the gospel! 

We've been tutoring one of our less actives in math because she has this huge exam coming up, that basically her entire life depends on.  After she had studied for awhile, she just started crying and telling us all the things that were going on her life... and another crazy amazing, spirit-running-through-me moment happened and I told her how that morning when I was saying my prayers, I received the personal revelation that she needed to go to church.  I told her that the only thing that was going to make her happy in her life, was if she went to church.  We tell her that every week when we visit her, but something about the spirit was different this time.  The spirit was SO strong when I committed her to going to church.... and the next day, SHE CAME! Ah she looked so happy!!! Best thing ever! 

For our language study last week we watched the New Testament and holyyyy it was incredible.  I had never seen it, but it's the story of the life of Jesus and then when he goes and visits the Americas, from the Book of Mormon.  It was SO powerful and I want you all to watch it! 

On Saturday night for our dinner we were invited to a wedding.. well because we are missionaries, it turned around and we ended up having to cater the food haha and we had to serve all the guests.  So we were all over the church figuring everything out, serving the bride and groom, and all their guests. But it was SO much fun! Oh man I love weddings! We had to stay for a good 3 hours or so because we were helping, and my comp and I were just watching the bride and groom and they were so cute! And all of our members were there and there was music and everything was decorated. So much fun! :) 

Okay... so a couple weeks ago we had the prompting to visit Hermano Caldera, a member who was perfectly active and we knew him.  We went over there, drank some hot chocolate, chatted with him for a bit, and shared a message.  Then as we were putting on our shoes talking to him and his son, I had THE strongest feeling to ask him for a referral... So I did and he said "you know what, there's actually a family that lives across the street that speaks Spanish. I've never talked to them, but I know they live there." When we walked out, my comp told me she had been getting the impression to ask him for a referral too! We tried to knock on their door, but nobody was home :( WELL on Friday, we stopped by the Bishop's house to talk with him, and he told us that there was a family coming that the Caldera's had been talking and sharing the gospel with and that he wants us to meet them and start visiting them... WHAT?!?~ Hermana and I freaked out when we left! All because we followed the prompting to ask him for a referral, he realized that he should introduce himself, they started talking, he started sharing the gospel, and now they are interested... The Lord works in mysterious ways!! 

Tengan una feliz semana!
Hermana Dean 

Not many photos this week... my bad!
But this is one of our less active's daughter, Adriana. My comp tutors her mom in math, so I sit and hang out with her, she's darling! 

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