Monday, March 7, 2016

03/07/16 Group Email

This week was... tough! Changes are always rough, but Hermana Allphin is so stoked to be here and we're gonna do such great things together this transfer, I'm super excited! She and I are STLs: Sister Training Leaders, which took us by a huge surprise because they don't have spanish stls... but it'll be a super fun adventure and I will keep you updated on all the fun things we get to do! 

So this past week, we were driving around, I was trying to remember how to get to this specific house, and we ended up in the wrong part of the neighborhood.  Well as we were driving I told Hermana to keep her eyes peeled for anything Spanish.. right as I said that she was like "There!" So we pulled over and sure enough saw boxing gloves around the rearview mirror of the car that said "juventud" haha and if that doesn't give it away I dont' know what does! So we walked up, this big guy from Honduras answered and said we could come back! Sweet! We start driving back up the street and both just feel like we should park the car and start walking around.  So we start walking down the street knocking the houses that appeared Hispanic.  First house: Christmas lights, beat up truck... he was from Mexico.  Second house: Christmas lights, windchime with a dolphin... she was from Guatemala.  Third house: Boxing gloves, big sun on the door... He was from Honduras.  Fourth house: We were walking past this one house with the door wide open and all of a sudden hear... Spanish music. .. He was from Mexico. But his story was craaaazy! We walk up and poke our heads in the door and yell "Hola" and he runs over and tells us "oh come in come in!" long story short, he's 21 from mexico who has been going to ysa with his friend and WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED SOON.  Whaaaat! He said he hasn't been meeting with the missionaries because he didn't know where to find them... ahhh it was crazy! We walked away with our mouths wide open, it was so nuts.  I must say, I have gotten pretty dang good at catching the clues of the Hispanic houses! 

SO... our neighbors who live above us went back to their country for three weeks.  They left on Wednesday.  It was been oh so lovely without their little boy driving his toy car above our heads all morning long while we study haha.  Friday night rolls around, I'm dead asleep.  It's 11:23 and I wake up to Hermana Allphin saying "um are the neighbors out of town??" AND THEN I HEAR FOOT STEPS WALKING AROUND ABOVE MY HEAD AND OPENING AND CLOSING DRAWERS.  I have never jumped out of my bed so fast... I FLEW out of my bed, grabbed the phone and we both sprinted to the bathroom! I can honestly say I have never been so scared in my entire life.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  We stood there, listening to people above us, going through things, praying that they wouldn't come downstairs! And then they left and we didnt' hear anything else.  We waited in the bathroom for a good 10 minutes, not breathing, and finally got the courage to go back out.  I guess we're not the smartest people because we just went back to bed hahaha. The following day while we were setting up the baptism, we told the Elders what had happened and they looked right at us and said in their "are you kidding me????" kind of tone, "You just went back to bed? You didn't call the police or anything?" Then we realized we probably should have done something about it.... hahaha, so we went over and talked to the neighbors and found out the neighbor was feeding the cat.... but oh my goodness we had no clue!! Scariest moment of my life. But so glad to find out they didn't get robbed.  

Yesterday Hermano Perez came to church.  He's the cute old man that I send a lot of pictures of.  Him and his wife, they're from Spain and are 85 and so cute.  Hermana has alzheimers... which is the saddest thing ever.  She doesn't remember anything. She'll ask Hermano if he is her dad, where they are, why here Mom isn't living with them, who she is.  It is the saddest thing.. breaks my heart.  Well yesterday Hermano got up and bore his testimony and it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard.  I just bawled through the entire thing. I had big ol alligator tears rolling down my cheeks, it was so sad! He just expressed how much love he has for his wife and how all those years they had together, he always thought they would be able to sit down and talk about their memories..but they can't.  ah it was so sad! But wow it strengthened my testimony of how families are forever.  Heavenly Father loves us so much, he gave us the opportunity to live with our families for eternity.  The best gift we could ever have! 

The work is going great here.. keeping our eyes out for all the "spanish-looking" clues we can find! Have a good week! Pray that nobody comes into our house this week and freaks the heck outta me!

Abrazos - 
Hermana Dean 

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