Monday, March 14, 2016

03/14/16 Group Email

Another great week out here doing the work! 

It's been a little slower.. a LOT of finding; knocking doors, talking to everyone on the street, asking EVERYONE if they know anyone who speaks Spanish.  It's been good though! The weather has been just wonderful. The sun doesn't go down at 4:30 anymore, which is the best haha.  Something my companion and I have been doing to keep ourselves laughing, is while we knock doors or contact, we give each other a word to say.. oh man, I have never laughed so hard! She gave me the word "shoes" as we went up to knock this door and this Aisan woman who didn't speak a word of English opened.. We tried to explain who we were, but she was so lost.  So I just told her, "I like your shoes!" And walked away.  Hermana Allphin lost it! She was laughing so hard.. She said "She wasn't even wearing shoes!!" I just told her "I know!" haha. Another word I had was toenail... a little bit harder... but luckily I got another Asian who didn't speak English! And I was able to tell her I had stubbed my toenail and needed a bandaid.. but she didn't understand either.  But oh man, we have had some funny experiences with this game. It's the little things that keep us going haha 

A member gave us our dinner to go, so we took it to the chapel and were eating it. It smelt... very fishy.  But lo que sea, we ate it anyways.  We finished cleaning up and Hermano Fernando came in and I asked if he had eaten, he said no, so we heated it up and served him.  I asked him what it was... "Pulpo" he responds.. I DIED.  Octopus.  We are NOT used to eating weird stuff like that up here in Canada.. no no no we are not.  At first I didn't believe him so I started to inspect his food.. He pulled up a fork full of rice, and sure enough, I saw three leg things, or whatever they are, with the little suction cups and everything.  I was so shocked. He just laughed and laughed at me hahaa.  

We had a lesson with Raul and Teresa - it went well! They have a lot of questions, but questions are good.  We're slowly working with them, and hope they start progressing soon! Bryan is doing oh so good.  He got his temple recommend, all on his own I might add, on Sunday and is super excited to go do baptisms.  Other than that, a lot of finding! Pray for us to find a spanish family this week!  Love you all

Xoxo Hermana Dean 

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