Monday, September 5, 2016

09/05/16 Group Email

Hey fam! 
Well it was transfers week! It was very sad to say good bye to Hermana Amaller.. she is one of my best friends and will be for the rest of my life! It was such a good experience being able to train her! Something I'll never forget.  So before we headed up to the North, we went to Unimarket one last time (to get the good Latino tortillas) and we ended up talking to this kid from Colombia who was working and told us he was interested! It was way cool! And he lives in the North, so Ratliff and I will teach him (if it works out)! It was hard to say good bye to La Rama, but oh man was it so fun to be back en El Barrio! the most incredible people! Bishop even announced over the pulpit during sacrament meeting that I came back! It was so sweet.  They are the greatest.  
Something that made my week.. we were at a party at a members house and this cute old lady who had just gotten off the plane from Mexico was talking with me and she asked if I spoke English! hahaha it made my day! I told her I did and she said "Oh did you learn Spanish or English first?" So the Spanish is coming along great haha! 
Well I love it here! Everything is going awesome. I love being a missionary! Thanks for the prayers and support! love you!
Hermana Dean

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