Monday, September 26, 2016

09/26/16 Group Email

Hey fam! 

Tons of miracles that we saw this week!!
First off, I don't know if remember the story of the less active member that Hermana ALlphin and I stopped by.. I had a random prompting to stop by her and when we did, we found that she'd been in bed for 15 days and was really depressed and I just held her and cried.. well I saw her for the first time since then yesterday at church! She got up out of her seat and literally RAN to me and grabbed me and held me and just started sobbing... It was the most tender moment ever.  She kept saying she was so happy to see me and she just held me for a solid minute as she cried.  It really struck me because you never know who's lives you are touching.  I went to say hi to her husband and he just took my hand and held it and said "gracias" and man it was amazing.  I love these people.  Another awesome thing that happened at church, was we were walking out and Obispo called us over and brought us into his office and three of us sat down and he just started crying. And he looked at us and sooo sincerely he said "hermanas, I am so proud of you" those words right there, make every hard moment WORTH IT! He told us that he has seen how pure we are and as we go about doing the work, our words are so powerful.  He said a lot of things but man it was incredible.  Hermana Ratliff and I walked out and we just wanted to cry, it made our day! I love Obispo Gonzalez! 

We were finishing up eating dinner with a less active and start sharing our message about the Book of Mormon when out of nowhere the words "diezmo" cross my mind... I was like oh man, here we go.  So I tell her "you know what, we gotta be paying our tithing" my comp was pretty shocked when I dropped that haha but she backed me up and we taught her tithing and she ended up telling us that she hadn't been paying it and that she is going to start.  I left the lesson feeling so good! It was scary to get that prompting, because it's tough to talk about tithing with people, but it ended up so good and I know that that was really what she needed to hear in that moment! 

As we were walking along the riverside last week, we were about to get into our car but we decided to go chat with this man sitting on the bench.  We invited ourselves to sit by him (you can basically do anything as a missionary haha) and we slowly started talking. He was nice, not too much into the convo.  But we slowly started opening up and he told us that he was down in that part of town because his wife was in a cancer support group. She had been diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago and things were starting to go down. They'd been married for 50 years. So we testified of Christ and gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet a book of mormon. But it was really cool, we had no idea that he was struggling with that, but you could tell he really listened to what we had to say.  Another thing with cancer... we were eating lunch with a member in our ward that we don't know too well. As we finished the message, i asked if there was anything she needed and she just started weeping and told us how her daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer, along with her grandson.  She told us how her father was killed and her mom died of cancer as well, and how she was so scared to lose a child with cancer. It was heartbreaking! It made me cry! I didn't really know what to tell her, or how to comfort her, but I really felt the Savior there with us as I held her hand and just let her cry.  It's tough being a missionary, you get a looooot of sad stories and you have to hold up a lot of people, and sometimes I think "how the heck am I suppose to hold up all of these people? I'm not strong enough!" but lately, I really have felt the Savior with me, lifting me up as I lift others up.

Our Family Reyes,, they are doing SO GOOD! They are loving life and more importantly, loving the gospel! They are the most incredible people I've ever met.  Seriously, they are soooo amazing.  We had a loong chat with Lorena yesterday as we were at a party, and she is just in love with the gospel.  She is so excited to have her children live with the morals that we live with.  The ward is being so supportive and everyone wants to talk to them at church.  The baptism, if everything goes well, will be on Sunday after the last general conference session, so keep them in your prayers!

Everything is going so good! We have seen soooo many miracles lately.  Love you all!

Hermana Dean

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