Monday, September 12, 2016

09/12/16 Pictures

so we were visiting a sweet old lady from the ward and she was asking us how to say "elderly folks home" and oh man she could not say folks. she was just swearing over and over and over and finally I just lost it and then my comp lost it and then she lost it! so i explained to her she was saying a bad word and she just laughed.  So Ratliff and I snapped a pic of the funny moment
 We ate dinner with Jennie and Jamil - still my favorite couple ever - and she read me what you (mom) wrote her 5 months after she messaged you.. hahah
 exchanges with Sister Jakobi (LOVE HER)
 The leaves are looking pretty as everr!
Exchanges with Sister mcdonald and sis Jakobi
We walked outside and our neighbors had two comfy chairs with a big "FREE" sign on them... so we took them and put them as our study chairs 

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