Monday, October 17, 2016

10/17/16 Group Email

Hey fam!
Another great week in the best mission in the world! We saw a lot of way cool miracles this week! I'll tell ya about them..

-So on Saturday morning around 6:40 we get a text from this unknown number asking for me... I was just a little freaked out.. turns out though, that it was Gustavo!!! Gustavo was a Wal mart worker that Hermana Allphin and I befriended back in March! Every pday we would talk to him and we ended up giving him a book of mormon that had our names and number in it! I got transfered and we had lost contact with him until this weekend! Over the summer he read the book of mormon and now is rereading the parts that he didn't understand!! ahh the entire convo was a missionary's dream! <3 we have an appt with him on wednesay, so pray for Gustavo!

-We were up working by the temple and I felt like we should go walk around.. so we go and talk some pics and as we're walking out, this man pulls up to us in a car and asks "hey can I go in there and pray?" and points to the temple.. i'm like umm nooo buuut... we're the sister missionaries and we can teach you right now! he's was like "okay! let me park!" (this never happens) so we walk over and sit down in front of the temple and teach him about the Atonement and give him a book of mormon. We read Alma 7:11-14 and 14 talks all about baptism.. so after he finished reading I asked the question "so what would these verses have you do?" and he says it... "well I should be baptized" YES it was so awesome!! we asked if he'd like to have missionaries teach me and he said yes. so we passed him off, hopefully all goes well!

-Last week we were at shoppers sending some mail and I had noticed this old man. Then all of a sudden he was gone but his wallet was still there... so I sneakily went over there and opened it and it was FULL of cash.. like probably 300 bucks! so hermana vera walked over and I was like "should we leave it with the store or go take to his house??" we decide to go take it to his house. So we drive up there and see their garage is open. we pull up and there is the CUTEST and OLDEST lady I have ever seen!!! she was struggling with her grocies, so we helped her take them in. We asked if Douglas lives there and we told her that her husband left his wallet at the store and oh my goodness, her face was priceless. She was sooooooo thankful! It was seriously the cutest thing ever! She was so grateful that we would do something like that and she asked where we were from so we were able to talk about the church. we drove away feeling so happy!!

-La familia reyes is doing awesome! we had such an amazing lesson with them this weekend with a couple who just got sealed! we talked about their sealing and they cannot wait until October 2nd, 2017! <3 we also asked them for a referral and they said "we alreayd have someone in sight!" recent convert fire is the BEST! I love them so much

Love you all! Being a missionary is the best!

Hermana Dean

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