Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10/24/16 Group Email

Hola mis queridos!

Another week passed.. It was good! Pretty normal week. The weather has been wonderful, so we've been able to go out a couple times and contact. Which is the best! There's only this time that I have to be able to go out and ask people if they want to learn about Jesus Christ.. so I gotta take advantage of every second I have! We had the most incredible lesson with the Reyes about the Priesthood.. which he got yesterday!! It was really cool to be able to share about when my Dad would give us all blessings before school started every year and some other experiences that I've had with the Priesthood. Then we talked about their sealing! They are SO excited!! Makes my heart so happy <3

So about Gustavo from last week.. we were super pumped for our lesson and everything. We studied hard core for him and even knelt down and prayed for a baptismal date and came up with the 19th! We felt so good about it.. fast forward a couple hours and he cancels. We were sooooo bummed.. But, life goes on. So we head over to Elena's house to have a member lesson and we walk in and our MIA investigator, Luna, is there!!! ahhh it was amazing!!! So we switch the lesson and end up teaching her EVERYTHING that we studied for Gustavo.. We even put her on date for the 19th (but she didn't go to church.. so we don't know if that will happen) but it was the coolest experience! All that time as we thought we were preparing for the lesson with Gustavo, the Lord really knew that we were preparing to teach Luna. It was awesome and ended up being a really good lesson!

Everything is going good up here in Canada! Hermana Vera is awesome and I'm really lucky to be with her right now. I got to see Hermana Amaller this week, which was the best! So fun to see past companions. Life is good! I love the ward.. they are my family here. They had a quincinera party this weekend and it was just so fun to see everyone there. I really love all these people and I'm so glad that I've gotten to serve them for the past year of my life! Well love you all, have a good week!

Hermana Dean

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