Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10/11/16 Group Email

Hey fam! 

This week was awesome! A lot of changes, but it's been good! I said goodbye to Hermana Ratliff :( it was sad.  I'm now training Hermana Vera and she is a doll! She's so happy to be here and we get along great.  The best part of the week was on Sunday when the Familia Reyes got confirmed! Hermano Fernando did it and oh my gosh, it was incredible.  I took some notes afterward and here were some of the things that stood out..

Junior : You are a son of God and he loves you, always kneel down and pray, you will be an example to your wife, you will be a worthy Priesthood holder.

Lorena : You are an example to your husband and your children, you will be an example to the society, you will bring the gospel into many people's lives, always pray, you will be sealed to your family in the temple.

Melissa : You will be a light to the friends that you hang out with, you will be strong enough to do all the things that the Lord would have you do, you will have a firm testimony of this gospel.

Junior : Even at your young age, you will understand the scriptures as you study them, you will be able to fulfill the commandment to serve a mission one day :), you will bring the gospel to many.

Then afterward, Obispo got up and said some things and asked everyone to show their support and welcome by raising their right hand and oh man, that was the best moment ever.  As the room went quiet and everyone raised their right hand, I was looking over at them and Lorena looked SO HAPPY. She was glowing and looked like she was almost in tears.  Junior as well.  It was the best feeling ever and they have so many beautiful blessings in store for them! 

Everything is going good! I'm so happy to be here.  I really love the missionaries that we are serving around.. we have FIVE hermanas in el Barrio, so it's been tons of fun. We spend a lot of time together.  The work is going so good! Thanks for all your love! Love you! HAPPY THANKSGIVING 

Hermana Dean

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