Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7/15/15 - Group Email

Okay this has been such a good week! i love it here sooo much.  this week flew by.. it's so crazy. it's going to go by so fast.  First off, s/o to my dad for sending us KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS cuz we had the best doughnut party!!!! so much fun! thank you thank you :) we had the opporunity to watch Elder Packer's funeral on Friday.. super cool.  the talk by the prophet was amazing.  On friday my heramana y yo got to clean 32 toilets.. EACH for our service project.  that would be 64 in total.  so please make jake will and sadie clean toliets at home, just because i had to clean 32 of them. hahah.  so of course, after playing volleyball in the pouring rain last week... we started to have a cold go throughout our district.  annnd i was the lucky one to get it.  I was terrified I would get strep... I woke up on Saturday with the WROST sore throat. it was bad.  SO on sunday, I asked two elders in my district to give me a blessing.. bless their hearts, they were nervous haha.  but wow, after sacrement meeting, the four of us went in a room and literally the second the first elder poured the oil on my head, i felt better.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE. and then the next elder came and gave me a blessing.. coolest. thing. ever. it was so amazing.  it's so cool how his tone of voice, reminded me EXACTLY of dad's tone of voice whenever he would give me blessings.  it was incredible and the spirit was in that tiny room soooooo strongly.  They just kept thanking me over and over for the opporunity I gave them and how we'll forever share that amazing experience.  so cool :) we've had Ben Banks, who used to be in the 70 and another elder who is in the 70.. can't remember his name haha. but no 12's yet :( the speakers are all soooo amazing and it's the coolest thing ever to be in the room with thousands of missionaries as we all sing called to serve and other hymns.  so amazing.  spanish is coming along great. we had our first lesson where we didn't use any notes.. not a single note.  it was VERY well.  i locked eyes with the "investigator" aka my teacher who was prenteding to be an investigator haha, but i locked eyes with the sucker and just LAID down the first vision about Jose Smith that I had just barely finished memorizing. it was SO COOL.  the spirit was killer and I was fairly able to understand him.  we also talked to a lady from Chile and i understood almost everything she said! it was awesome! el don de languas es verdereda!  yeah so today we get four more sisters to move in with us.. SIX GIRLS IN A FOUR PERSON ROOM. ah crazy sauce! it'll be fun tho.. very tight, but i'm sure i'll love them! i seriousyl love my companion sooo much.  we are always laughing and our weaknesses definitely are polar opposites.  we work so well together, i love it! but yeah, it's been an awesome week! got to go to the temple today, pretty amazing seeing all of our elders and my companion in the celestial room! so cool! well yeah I love it here! it's awesome, everyone is soooo friendly and nice and i just love getting to know so many new people; hearing their stories and where they're going.  i love being a missionary!  
Amo ustedes con toda mi corazon.  xoxo  Hermana Dean

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