Thursday, July 9, 2015

7/8/15- Group Email

Hola hola mi familia! ahh the mtc is the best thing ever!! i love it here so so much! it's amazing.  it's taken a little adjusting, but we're in the swing of things and it's going good! my district is AWESOME.  two hermanas y ocho elders.  the elders are waaay nice and super fun to be with.  We are with each other 14 hours a day, in the classroom.  and then we eat together, go to devotionals together, play volleyball together.  it's so fun! one of our elders is from Auckland and has a killer accent.. it's the best, we always make him pray.  saturday, the fourth of july, was SO MUCH FUN.  we had a devotional dedicated to the fourth and companions walked around the entire auditorium holding the flags of everywhere throughout the world, while all the missionaries sang high on a mountaiin top.  it was amazing! spanish is hard... really hard! but it's coming.. really humbling having to learn how to teach through the spirit, rather than words! yeah, we've taught three lessons in spanish already... one hundred percent spanish.  it's rough, but practice makes perfect!  it's sooo spiritual here! everyone is just amazing and you can walk up to anyone, anywhere and get to know their entire life story! it's really so fun, I love talking to people! it's amazing.  we had a testimony meeting with our district and branch president and it was incredible.  all of the people in my district have incredible backgrounds.. one of the elders has only been a convert for one year and said he had no family members at his farewell.. CRAZY! funny stories of the week... there's this one elder that knows absolutely nothing about spanish.. it's sad but also really funny.  i was trying to explain feminine and masculine to him, and he said 'it's feminine because you said it right.. it's when girls speaK??' hahah we all died laughing.. any of you that know spanish, that is definiteyl not what makes something feminine! last night we had a member of the branch presidency in our room and by the end of the testimony meeting, he was talking about how we have to email our brach president.. but kept on calling computers, machines! "you're going to go to the machine... then you're going to wait for him to respond on the machine... etc. etc." oh my gosh me and the elder next to me HAD THE GIGGLES SO BAD. ohhh man it was so bad. we could not control our laughter.  one of those moments where i just prayed and prayed that I wouldn't burst out laughing. it was bad, but so funny!  yeah it's awesome here, i love the people, love the spirit, love the lessons, love spanish.. well not always, but i'ts coming. i love love love loooove seeing all my friends! i see so many people I know, lexi, grace hux, syd tanner, rachel jones, haley moore, richie, it's so awesome and i think it's really helped me not be homesick!  we just barely came in from playing volleyball in the pouring rain, and i think it was probably the funnest thing i've ever done. it was our entire district and we were soaked. ah it's the best! missionary life is the best! i love you all and feel like i haven't seen you in 6 years.. but it's okay! dont' worry about me, i'm having so much fun and love all the people here! have a great week.   All my love, Hermana Dean

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