Wednesday, July 22, 2015

7/22/15 - Group Email

Hola familia y amigos! Ah it has been a beautiful week! I am so so so so triste that I'm halfway done here.  The time has gone by soooooo fast I want it to slow down! I love my district.  we get closer y closer every day and we have tons of fun together.  we all get along like we've known each other forever and it's so sad to think we have to leave in three weeks and then will probably never see each other again! so weird! I was playing the piano, we go and Hermana studies while I play the piano every day, muiltiples time a day, it's so awesome i loove it.  But I was playing one of my pieces and heard the door open.. I just kept on playing, not thinking much about it.  I finish my piece and turn around to see TWENTY ELDERS in my zone y district standing there clapping and cheering me on.  Good thing i love being the center of attention, my face was just bright red.. but it was super cool and it just felt like they are all my brothers cheering me on! it was really cool and definitely made me feel super loved by them all! On Sunday we had a Relief Socity  meeting with all the Hermanas in the ccm and wow this motivational speaker pumped us up, it was suuuch a good talk!! She said us being here for only these three weeks, we've written 20 pages out of our 1,000 pages we have to write while we are on our missions. such a cool thought! i have learned sooo much and have made so many memories and friends, and I am nowhere near close to all the things I still have to learn! it got me super pumped to be here and I'm so excited to learn more and create more memories! So I decided I was going to read el libro de mormon in espanol and then translate it.. as in I read them side by side.  It has been SO cool! Oh man it has been the coolest experience ever! I have learned sooo much about el libro de mormon y it has strenghed my testimony and my knowledge in espanol! it's so cool! spanish is coming along great.  It's rough at times, but our lessons have been really good lately! i freaking love my companion! she is amazing!!!!! she is so mcuh fun to be around and we get along so well and we plan and feel the spirit so strongly.  it's amazing, i know I was put with her for a reason!  Serving a mission is supposed to be considered the most self-less thing you can do, because for eighteen months I'm serving the Lord and serving all these other people and stuff... but this week I've learned that these next eighteen months will be the most SELFISH thing I could ever be doing.  Ever.  I have learned sooooooooooo much.  So much just in three weeks and It's only making me a mejor y mejor persona! It's seriously incredible and I know with 100 % surety this is exactly where I need to be, learning spanish, with these peoeple, preparing for Canada.  It's amazing and if any of you are even slightly considering serving a mission... SERVE A FREAKING MISSION.  I'm learning soooo much more here than I could be leraning anywhere else! it's crazy and it makes me so happy.  and ah man life is just so amazing right now! I love it and I'm growing and leraning so much, it's insane!  So yep there's my week. Pretty much just an incredible week and I love it here and I feel the spirit allll the time and it's just so good! AH     

Amo ustedes
Hermana Dean

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