Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7/29/15- Group Email

Hola hola!! This week was so good! Every week here is just so amazing, I love it so much!  Highlights of the week.... Last Friday I was feeling sooooo sick.  This stinkin cold that I have had FOR EVER. I finally felt sick enough to go to the Doctor. Of course, the Doctor was going to be gone for three days so I called him and he said for me to go to the instacare.  Field trip, woot woot.  We got to go out into the real world.. and it was HORRIBLE.  Nobody was nice - I'm used to every person I see every day to be so overly nice.  But we got to listen to music while we waited in Rite Aid for my meds.. which is always a good time.  After a few hours we made our way back and I've been taking these wonderful meds and I am feeling SO MUCH better! #blessed.  Another highlight is that our district came up with the goal to have "sing alongs" .. it's where we go for the last twenty or so minutes of the day and sing with just the ten of us while I play the piano.  We just pick whatever himnos.. and oh my goodness it has been the best decision we've ever made! In the past few days we've gone three nights and it's soooo cool from my perspective.  I can't really see any of them, however they are all just gathered right behind me and our voices are so strong and the words are so powerful. Gosh it's the best! The spirit is SO strong after we finish. I love it!  We got to skype an investigador who was in Argentina yesterday! It was so cool!! We bore a solid testimony.. well I did.. my companion froze while we were teaching because she didn't like seeing herself.. hahaha so I completely took over the lesson and ah it was awesome! I loved talking to real life people, espeically in another country. Such a cool expierence!  
We've been teaching this lady named Mercedes and she was not having it with us.. she never gave us what we wanted and after four lessons I was so tired of teaching her! But i decided I would give it one more try. We decided we would go into our lesson with no notes. No idea of what we were going to teach, and that we would ask inspired questions in order to find out what topic we should teach.   ummmm SCARY. We were nervous. We don't speak Spanish, haha.  but oh my gosh, the lesson was incredible.  so incredible!  We asked her completely inspired questions, I looked inspired scriptures, and then I had the impression to ask her to bear her testimony. And man she looked like she was saw a ghost when I asked her that! Haha, but Hermana Knudson bore her testimony than I bore mine, which was such a cool experience, and then she bore hers... AHHHH boom the spirit was insane! All three of us were crying, I felt like I could've literally reached out and touched the spirit! IT WAS AWESOME and then at the end she was crying and said that she had one of the hardest days of her life on Saturday and that our lesson was exactly what she needed to hear.  Man, el espiritu santo es verdadera!!!! It was so cool - Gift of tongues!  Well I love life right now! Being a missionary is soooo amazing! So many amazing experiences.  Thanks for all the prayers and love and letters.. much appreciated!
Con mucho amor
Hermana Dean 

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