Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17/15 Group Email

Hola Familia!!! Wow I'm here! In Canada! It's been awesome! As I flew in over the city, I saw all the buildings and the cars and it got sooo real and made me so excited. Calgary is my HOME! These past few days have been craaaazy.. meeting so so so many new people, moving into our apartment, getting to know the area.. so much goes on with missionary work, it's insane! I love love my companion! She is so darling.  We get along super well and we have been working so hard! I look up to her sooo much.  So once we were settled in our apartment, we live with the STL's (sister training leaders) who are HILARIOUS human beings. Oh man, one of them has an Australian accent and reminds me of fat Amy (not saying she's fat, but the accent and how she acts is the same haha) we have tons of fun together.  Canada is beautiful oh my.  I'm not in the mountainy area, but there are so.many.trees. so many! they are everywhere and they are soooo green and dense and wow they are beautiful.  The weather this week: HOT, pouring rain, overcast, pouring rain, HOT. hahaha it's not like Utah hot.. but it's hot when we're out walking around and everything! Then the rain.. man I love the rain. it cools down everything and the clouds are so beautiful.  The clouds here! Are amazing. I dont' know what it is, but the sky is beautiful. So yep, my area is amazing. Pretty much every night we go to dinner at a members house. I understood a lot of our first cena! It was good! And holy cow... the food! Hispanics know how to cook!!!! Oh the food is amazing. I love where I am because I've met soooo many people from all around the world.  Colombians, Peruvians, Mexicans, Venezelans, etc. So all of our meals are so different. It's super fun talking Spanish, it's hard to understand.. especially at church yesterday, wow it was rough.. haha but my companion and I talk well together! Mejor y major cada dia.  So, yesterday we were walking around trying to find this lady's house named Rosa. We had her on the list and were going to find her. We get there, knock on the door, and this lady opens up. My companion automatically says "Hola Rosa como esta!" and this lady gives us the weeeeirdest look and says "ummmm I dont' speak Spanish and my name isn't Rosa.." hahah I'm trying to hold back my laughter because it was so awkward. So then we say "oh okay we're missionaries...." and she says "yeah I know... I'm a member" haha we were soo confused and she was super sweet about the mis understanding! We left the house and just died laughing. Things on the mission.. I'm tellin ya, they are a lot funnier than they would normally be! Haha but we have had some good laughing moments already and I'm sure they're going to keep coming! But yeah, my week has been good! A lot of figuring the ropes out and learning the area.  Hispanic people are hands down the sweetest people I know I'll ever meet. they are INCREDIBLE and I already feel like I'm at home when I walk through their door.  I'm super excited to continue to teach them! Well thank you for all the prayers and messages and support. It's incredible! This work is incredible!
Con mucho amor,
Your now official Canadian - Hermana Dean

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