Monday, August 31, 2015

8/31/15 Group Email

HELLO familiy and friends, man this week was a good one :) The solid points of the week....
~We were walking around and this lady drives by, rolls down her window and yells "Sisters need a ride?!" We waved her off and said we're good... Well in an entirely different neighborhood, she comes driving by, gets out and says "I cannot get over this prompting that I need to give you a ride... So where do you need to go?!" We're like... ummm okay, we can't really argue with that. So long story short, we end up at her house getting some water while her dad looks up our address. We get to talking about how we're spanish blah blah stuff like that, and he says "oh the family who lives right next door speak spanish and they're not members." UM WHAT! GOLD! We haven't been able to get ahold of them because they're usually not home... but ohhhh man we will find that family and contact them! All because the girl had a prompting to give us a ride, so cool!  ~We were walking around knocking on doors... the good stuff... and we come up to this house. This old man, probably 60 or so, answers the door and just instantly starts asking us about Jesucristo. I could completely tell that he was a member.. he was trying SO hard to keep in his laughter, so I was trying so hard to keep in my laughter. Long story short, he invites us in and brings over his wife. they tried to keep up the "oh who are you missionaries??" Story, but it wasn't working since they had the temple picture right behind his head haha. We shared a message with them, in spanish because they asked, which was really really neat. I asked if they knew anyone who spoke spanish and she says "actually yeah... I've had this family in mind for quite awhile to give to the missionaries" OKAY GOLD AGAIN and so hopefully we can find them and contact them too! But seriously, all because Padre Celestial led us to the right door! SO COOL ~WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK and it was amazing. She is the sweetest lady and runs a day care.. a day care!!! She had seven or so little tiny, probably 2 year olds, running around and they spoke spanish and it was sooooo cute. So ojala (hopefully) she wants to continue learning more! This week really has been amazing! I love this work and I love Canada. Canadians are SO NICE I can't even get over it! And it's so beautiful I could die, so many green trees and the sunsets...  oh my the sunsets! Thank you for all your support and letters and everything! I appreciate it so much! You are all the best :) 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Dean 

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