Monday, September 7, 2015

9/6/15 Group Email

Que tal mi familia?! This week was super good! I love being a missionary :) High lights of the week -  
- On Thursday we taught one of our Investigators el Plan de Salvacion and holy crap it was amazing! The gift of tongues is so real! Ah it was suuuuch a cool experience, she had never heard anything about this plan and she just LOVED it. She was so so so happy and ah that moment made me realize this is what the mission is all about! - Wednesdays we go to the Food Bank for a good four or so hours, and I was standing right next to this sweet lady from India. We started talking about missionary work stuff like that, and she wanted to know every.single.corner. about what we believed in! It was so hard to teach in English! Hahaha it was crazy! I stood right next to her, sorting food, for a good two hours and just explained our entire gospel. It was amazing! And she loved it! You don't get people like that that want to hear everything about the gospel, really cool miracle! And hopefully she'll keep wanting to learn! - On Saturday.... we had the lovely opportunity.. to meet a Satanist.  Oh man he was like no one I'd ever met before, let me tell ya! He was just outside his house smoking, and we went over and ohhh it was crazy what he believes in. He basically worships Satan. It was so sad! He wanted to kinda fight about our beliefs verse his.. and holy I was getting peeved! I couldn't even talk because I knew if I did, I wouldn't have been missionary-like! Haha he was saying some pretty awful things about our beliefs! But hey, that's what the mission is all about, meeting different (interesting) people and talking to em! But yeah, definitely an experience I'll always remember. - It got to 0 Celsius... which is most definitely 32 F. Yep it was snowing. Gotta love Canada!  - Last but not least: the crazy story of the week. So. The other night, my companion and I were coming back to our apartment. It was raining (it rained for over 24 hours straight the other day) and so we were kinda running. I was yelling at the top of my lungs the Joseph Smith vision in Spanish ... I still dont' know why, but I was haha. We get to the front door, Hermana Allhpin opens it up, I go in, she closes the door, goes to lock it and "BOOM BOOM BOOM" three HUGE pounds... someone was trying to get in. I have never, ever, ever, ever in my entire life been as scared as I was in that moment! I was so terrified! We both start screaming and man did we sprint up our stairs. We get to the top and are both just shaking uncontrollably. We finally got the nerve to go down and peek through the peephole... nobody was there. Just the porch light and raining every where. We still have no idea who it was.. we hope and pray they hadn't been following us. We live with two other sisters (funnest thing of my life) and naturally that night was the night they were sleeping elsewhere.. so we called up and had to tell the Zone Leaders and they made us go over to a different apartment and the Mission President was contacted and called us and yeahh... crazy stuff! Canada can be sketchy hahah! It was soooo scary in the moment (espeically because the  night before the four of us stayed up and were telling scary stories !!!!) But hey, every one needs freaky stories like that that happen on their mission, right? So there's my week in a nutshell! Good stuff up here in Canada. I love the country, love the people, and love the spanish
con todo mi amor
Hermana Dean

When it hit 0 c and 32 f... it was cooooold and we woke up to not snow on the ground, luckily, but there's definitely snow over in the distant mountains! 

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