Monday, September 28, 2015

9/28/15 Group Email

This week was great! We got two new investigators.. yay!! So we're teaching around 7 investigators and 5 or so families that are less active each week.. the work is booming up here! It's amazing.  The Spanish is coming along so great and I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to learn it! Yesterday our day was so packed. Right from church we had una cita con menos activos, then we had dinner with an Investigator, and then we had A SECOND dinner with another menos activo familia.. ah! Back to back dinners.. it was rough.  But you can't offend them! I was able to hold all the food in, but after we left my comp couldn't and had to run to the bathroom! Que pena.  Our lessons were amazing this week.. the spirit is always so strong.  With each visit, with each family we teach, we get more and more trust from them.  One of the dinners we had last night, the less actives, the first time we visited the husband wasn't super super friendly.. you could tell he didn't trust us.  But after our dinner last night, he was chatty cathy! We ate dinner with them, then shared our message.  Then as we left he said "Cuando ustedes regresan, mi puerta es siempre abrie por ustedes.  Mi casa es su casa.  Mi casa aca en Canada o la casa de mi familia en Panama"  "When you guys come back, my door is always open.  My house is your house.  Here in Canada, or the house of my family in Panama."  It was so cool! He's slowly building trust with us!! I love it.  I love these people I teach, they are incredible and it's the coolest experience teaching them and watching them first hand either feel the spirit for the first time, or to remember what it's like.  It's amazing and I'm so blessed to have so many opportunities to teach! We teach uber amounts.. multiple lessons every day.  I love it.   It's the coolest to learn about all the different cultures.. we have people from ALL over the world up here in Calgary.  The people we teach and the people we see throughout the city.  We volunteered at the food bank this week.. we were at the station where they would slide all the boxes of food and it was our job to help them load it up into their cart. (which is the best thing in the world!! the people are so sweet and it's so fun to talk to them all and find out about their lives)  I met people from everywhere! Nigeria, Brazil, Ukraine, El Salvador, West indies.. people from every where seem to make their way to Calgary, Canada! It's so cool!  I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Feed the missionaries in your wards!!! Gordon B Hinkley said "if you feed the missionaries, you'll never go hungry" I testify of that!! 

xoxo, con cariƱo 
Hermana Dean

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