Monday, February 1, 2016

02/01/16 Group Email

Another week has gone by out here in the best mission in the world!
Transfers were last week, I have Hermana Morgan up here now.  She will have served up here in this area for 8 trasnfers! Crazy! It's cool though because all the members already know and love her, so it's already been a fun past couple of days.  

We had the best dinner ever! We ate with the family Fernando and the food was amazing, but afterward we had the coolest lesson ever! Hermano brought his neighbors over who are from Costa Rica and Mexico AND we had our recent convert.  Hermana and I taught the Restoration and it was incredible.  The spirit was SO strong.  The couple was totally loving it, and it was super super cool to have Bryan there.  It was just like a big discussion, we would ask certain members to comment on certain questions, and we had Bryan comment just like we did the other members... because he's a member now! It was really neat - once they are baptized, they are just like any other member! The lesson was sweet, and we tried to set up a return appointment with the couple BUT #Spanishpeopleprobs they are going to Costa Rica today for three months hahahaha this problem happens a lot up here in Canada, epsically during the Winter, but hopefully when they come back, they'll be interested!

So on Friday night we went and visited a cute little old couple from our ward.  They aren't less active, but the Bishop asked us to give them a visit.  We shared a message with them and ate bean soup for our night time snack haha.  I kept getting the feeling to ask them for someone in the ward that we could visit.  So I asked la Hermana, because Hermano was out of the room, and long story short, she gave us this huuuuge list of all the elderly women in the ward! It was such a miracle! So many of them we have not been able to get in contact with, because they have moved and changed their phone number! But now we have their #'s! So we got all those phone numbers, but I still felt like I should ask Hermano.  So I did, and he ended up giving us some of the addresses of the women... soooo cool! ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT.  ALWAYS.  

Another cool "follow the spirit story".  We had about 30 mintues before dinner and had just parked our car and were out street contacting.  The Spirit kept telling me to go walk down this dark, sketchy street (haha I normally wouldn't go down a street like that..... buuuuut the spirit was telling me too!) so we started walking, and I first, I wanted to turn around! It was so dark.  But I kept getting the feeling from the spirit that we needed to walk the street.  As we were walking, we saw this man, he had his hood up, was smoking.  At first I felt kind of uneasy, but the spirit resassured me! We walked up and stopped him and started talking.... AND HE WAS SO NICE. So so so so nice. He took our card and said he'd watch the video.  It was sweet! Afterward, I felt so much peace and felt so content.  Who knows what will happen with him, but he definitely needed to hear our testimonies that night! 

We had stake conference and something that really stood out to me was when they were talking about keeping the sabbath day holy.  A member of the 70 was there talking to us, and he said that President Nelson told him the following story:
"I was a heart surgeon, and would sometimes get called in on Sundays.  Whenever the nurse would call and tell me that I needed to operate on a patient, I would ask "will they live until Monday?" If they would say yes, then I would tell them I would come in on Monday.  If they would say no, I would tell them I'd come and do the operation on Sunday. Sundays are for saving souls.  To know if you can do something on Sunday just ask yourself "will this save me, or will I live until Monday?" 
I loved when he said that! Think about it... Sundays ARE for saving souls, espeically ours..  Taking the sacrament, studying the scriptures, spending time with family, serving someone, etc. etc.  The list goes on and on.  If you ever don't know what you should or shouldn't do on Sunday, just ask yourself if it will help yours or someone's soul! 

Have a good week! I love you all!

"Keep your eyes on your dreams, however distant and far away." - Elder Holland, "Remember Lot's Wife"

Hermana Dean 

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