Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2/8/16 Group Email

A SWEET week up here in (warm) Canada 

Hermana Morgan and I .... have KILLED it this week. Probably one of the hardest working weeks so far.  Our zone created the goal of testifying to 10 people every day.  10 people doesn't sound like alot... but it is! Especially as Spanish missionaries, because we are alwasy in our car driving from appointment to appointment.  But this past week, as we've taken the time each day to knock doors, or street contact, the Lord has blessed us incredibly: with lessons, HAPPINESS - so much happiness, and little miracles every single day.  

Hermana Morgan has already served 6 transfers up in this area, so she knows tons of people.  One of the first nights we were together, she brought up a name and an address that she had been wanting to visit.  So we drove clear out in the East side of our area, knocked on this door, and sure enough Adriana Romero from Mexico still lived there.  We had an amazing lesson with her.  We shared Gracias a que El vive, the video, and then 3 nefi 9:14.  She began reading the scripture, but couldn't even finish it because she started crying so hard.  The spirit.... so amazing.  Definitely a lesson that she needed to hear.

So last week in my group email, I told the story of how the spirit told me to ask this couple from our ward for who we should visit.  Well, fast forward a couple days, and we decided we were going to go find this "Marta Cornjeo".  All we had of her information, was her phone number (which she had never ever answered) and the street... not the house number, only the street.  At first, as we started driving over, I asked my companion if she thought it would be worth.  We only had the street, how were we supposed to find her house? But the spirit told us to keep going.  We got to the street, used our skills of picking out which builidng looked most "Latino" went inside, looked through the directory and sure enough.... boom... we found "Cornjeo".  We buzzed the room.. it rang for what felt like forever... nothing.  But man, the spirit was telling us to get inside. So we tired calling her.  No answer.  I am telling you, I was DETERMINED to visit Mart Cornjeo.  It had been such a process to find her scattered information! I called the number one last time.... and she answered! Once I said who we were, she was thrilled! She came running out, opened the door, we went inside and visited with her.  It was amazing.  She said that we were the angels the lord sent her.  She was so so so so so very grateful for our visit.  Nobody has visited her for so long! Even though it took a long time to find out the street she lived on and to get her phone number, we finally made it! The Lord knows who He wants us to visit

Yesterday.. in walks Bryan (with is less active dad, heck yeah!) in a white shirt and tie!! Whaaaaat we have never seen him dress like that for church.  All of December and January he wore a hoodie and jeans... but wow he walked in and it was the coolest moment ever - because, he was about to bless the sacrament! Ay!!!!! He blessed it and was GLOWING.  It was a sacrament meeting I will never ever forget.  Also, because I was sitting next to Hermano Perez, who hasn't been to church in years - but he was felt healthy enough to come yesterday :) 

I love being a missionary... I love it more and more with everyday! I am so happy here.  I know that as we work the hardest we've ever worked, the Lord will give us miracles! 

Feliz Día del Cariño! 

Hermana Dean 

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