Tuesday, February 16, 2016

02/16/16 Group Email

Suuuuuuuuch a good week oh my 

Well for starters.... I was standing in the foyer of our chapel talking with our mission leader and all of a sudden I hear someone talking to my comp. I turn around KYRA JOHNSON!!!!!! ahhhh it was crazy! Sooooo much fun to talk to a best friend from home and to have her see the cute latinos and the pretty city.  So S/O to kyr for being a bestie and sacrificing her sacrament meeting to be in Spanish! (Even though I translated it :) 

Yesterday was Family Day up here in Canada, i really don't know why the US doesn't have that as a Holiday. Everyone was with their families and seemed so happy! We were buying a few groceries in the store and the Elder's Quroum President saw us and had us come stand in line with him and bought us our groceries... SO nice.  So so so nice.  We then headed downtown, walked the pretty streets of Calgary, contacting people on the way, and made our way up to the top of the Calgary Tower and ate lunch.  It is amazing up there - one of my favorite places I've ever been.  The restuaraunt slowly cirlces around 360 while you eat, so you get to see every side of the view.  While we were sitting there, we had just finished ordering, and the family behind us got up to go leave.  They had like four kids (all of which had adorable names, I had noticed) and were super cute.  All of the sudden the dad asks "Hermanas de donde son ustedes?" and started talking to us in Spanish! He had served in Argentina and started telling us about his ward and where they lived.  He said goodbye and started walking away.  As he was about to turn the corner, he said "Oh yeah, I payed for your lunch by the way, get some dessert!" and left! HOLY WHAT THE HECK!! that restaraunt is NOT cheap... my mouth dropped! I wanted to cry.  He was so nice! Ahhh I love being a missionary so so so much.  Both him and our Elder's Quorum President made my day! Two people in one day... we are so blessed! 

Last week, we needed to contact ten people and it was 9:15... I was not happy haha.  All the doors we were knocking on, no one was home! I kept praying and praying and praying that we could find these people, but I felt like we couldn't find them anywhere! I kinda gave my comp the sour attitude because I was so mad that my prayer wasn't being answered, which I have already repented for don't worry.  We were driving home and I was holding back tears because I was so frustrated in myself and I really felt like He wasn't hearing my prayers.  When all of  a sudden my comp says "pull over, let's knock that door." I was like,, ooookay whatever.  So we get out, walk up the street and knock the door... THEY WERE HAVING A PARTY.  We contacted SIX people in the doorway.  Then as we were walking back down to our car, we knocked another house, THEY WERE ALSO HAVING A PARTY and we contacted four people in the doorway.  As we were walking back to the car I just started laughing.  Hahah I felt so dumb! Of course the Lord was hearing my prayers! It was crazy... I really was so frustrated, but I can testify that the Lord does hear and answer our prayers - you just have to be patient (which I'm still working on haha) ! 

Another cool story, we had gotten mad revelation to go knock this one street.  We started out and knocked on the door of a man from Mexico who had come to our English class, we told him we were in his area and that we were sharing a message... got in and taught him! It was so sweet!!! THEN as we were walking out.... WE CONTACTED THREE PEOPLE IN A ROW WHO SPOKE SPANISH. All in like 5 minutes, and they were all walking on the street.  THAT IS FOUR SPANISH PEOPLE ON ONE STREET -  THAT DOESN"T HAPPEN.  It was sooooo cool! Finding the spanish speakers up here is like searching for the needle in the haystack.. well kind of, you have lots of clues based on the outside of the house, their accents, and their facial features, but they don't just walk up to us wanting to know the gospel. We have to find them! So it was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord.  Four Spanish Speakers all in 5 minutes... the coolest thing ever. I LOVE SPEAKING SPANISH 

So last sunday Hermana y yo were in Consejo de barrio with all the men of the ward and for some reason, they assigned us to decorate for the Valentine's day party they were having.  Luckily Hermana likes to decorate cuz I don't know a thing about making stuff look cute, but they gave us some money, we went and bought a TON of stuff, and then us and the Elders spent alllll day on Friday decorating.  There was it was crazy! Soooo much service.  It was fun though! Everything turned out really great and the ward had a crazy dance party, that we were not allowed to go to, but we heard it as we were having our Missionary Correlation hahah.  

Well it was an amazing week, as always and I'm so blessed to have this time in my life to give everything up to serve the Lord.  Doing nothing but serving for 24-7 is rough sometimes, but oh man the blessings are indescribable.  I love it here! 

Love you all!

Hermana Dean 

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