Tuesday, April 5, 2016

04/04/16 Group Email

Yay for conference! Always is so good.  Learned a lot! One of my favorite parts hands down, was the Saturday morning session, when the choir sang "Come thou fount" and it zoomed up on one of the men and he was bawling... holy it made the tears come! It was so powerful! All the talks were amazing.  
So this week.. we picked up THREE NEW INVESTIGATORS and it was awesome.  Yaritza... A recent convert brought her last week, we taught her on Thursday, and she was pumped.  She's pretty golden! She has been here for like 2 weeks, so she has a crazy Cuban accents.  And oh man, Cuban accents are crazy! Haha they slur their words together.. I like it though! She's definitely entertaining to listen to.  
Reglita.. also from Cuba.  She's not quite as golden, but we picked her up and hopefully we'll get into her heart soon! 
Edgar... he was in the area book, we called him, set up an appointment, taught him, and picked him up! We were SO PUMPED.  Three investigators in four days.... that is crazy! The work has been picking up like crazy.  Good times in the Canada Calgary mission! 
Everything is going along great.  So happy here.  One thing I've definitely learned, you choose to be happy.  You choose to love where you are, what you're doing, who you're with. Because what you're going through, isn't always your choice.. but you can choose to be happy! 
One of the things I wanted to learn during conference, was for the witness that I'm in the right place.  Which, I've known I'm in the right place for a very long time, but it's always good to get reassurance.  The witness didn't come during conference, but it came after.  We were all sitting in Hermano Fernando's living room, just hanging out and having our missionary meeting, when we started talking with one Elder who is going home in two weeks... and oh my gosh it just hit me! I never want to leave! I LOVE it here... I have never been so happy! We were talking to him about all the down sides of going home (haha that sounds harsh,, but it's true!) and dang it made me realize that I am so happy here.  I absolutely love the ward I'm serving in.. all the members are like my family and I'm so lucky to have been serving here for so long, and I still have time here! Love is just going good and I love being a missionary.  

We went to the bathroom after conference, walk into the women's bathroom, and see Hermano Fernando standing there washing his hands.  At first he just said hi, but then he froze and he looked at us with the most embarrassing face... and the he sprinted out the door.  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life - it's the little things that get us through each day hahah

love you all! choose to be happy!! 
Hermana Dean 

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