Monday, April 11, 2016

04/11/16 Group Email

Gooood weeek! 
We have been super busy this week with Zone training meetings and exchanges.. but the work has been good! 
On Saturday, we were serving at the Food Bank.  I hadn't been there for 6 months, so it was weird to go back! But it was good! The second I walked into the room, I spotted this Latino man sitting across the way.  I didn't have a chance to talk to him, but the Lord had a plan! The guy in charge set up all the volunteers in certain areas, and low and behold, he put me right next to the man from El Salvador!! It was sweet! We talked for the whole three hours and I told him about our church and we got to know each other.. it was so cool.  AND THEN.. the guy on the other side of me was named Sergio, so obviously from somewhere cool.. He was from Moldova and had been here for six months.  I started talking to him and slowly realize.... I've met him before! But where?? He told me about his little daughter and his wife, and then it hit me.. SIX MONTHS AGO I HAD GIVEN THEM FOOD AT THE FOOD BANK! I freaked out! It was such a cool moment! And to see him there, giving back by serving! Ah it was cool.  So back to Jorge from El Salvador, I invited him to church and gave him the address... and he came!!! It was so cool! He strolled into church and my jaw dropped - suuuch a miracle! Hopefully we'll get in and be able to teach him! 
We were on exchanges, and I was down in a different area with Sister Hatch.  We had a name that we were going to go stop by who was a member, but the sisters didn't know him.  So we drive clear out to this BEAUTIFUL part of the country... it was just on the other side of the city, but I had never been out there! There were mansions on mansions haha the houses were huuuge.  We turn down this gravel road, and are completely engulfed in trees! It was so pretty.  We drive past all this pretty houses, and finally find his house.  The door is wide open and it smells so yummy, so we knock and this cute little old man comes over and says "Sisters! come on in! have you eaten yet??" And there were four old people eating dinner and they fed us and it was salmon and it was sooooo yummy.  I love Latino food, but man it was good to have a normal meal! And their house was beautiful and huge and it was fun to hear all of their stories.  I felt so loved! We had never even met them, but they welcomed us right in to their home and they fed us and were so loving :) so if you ever see the missionaries around, always make them feel loved! It's the best! 
Our investigator status.. we have a couple! Our most golden one had to go work in Edmonton for two weeks, which she didn't tell us! But we finally found out, so we're just waiting on her to get back.  The others are good, not progressing too well, but poco a poco! Last week I sent a picture with Cindy.. the black lady from Colombia.  She is golden. The Elders are teaching her.  Well...... her and her husband have lost their papers and are going back to Colombia, next week.  But their kids have papers here, so they are choosing to leave them with their grandma.  They don't know if when they'll see them again :( they came to church for the first time yesterday and sat in front of us, and as I watched these two amazing parents with the cutest little kids EVER, I couldn't help but cry! Ah I'm such a baby, but they were just holding their kids, looking down at them.  And I was behind them watching, and it was so sad.  I thank Heavenly Father more and more every day for having me be born in America, so I don't ever have to have the trial of moving countries and being separated from my family.  
Everything is going good! It's getting warm and the everything is starting to turn green :):) I love being a missionary! It makes me so happy.  I love the people here, they have touched my life in so many ways.  Our mission has a book about the Atonement, filled with all these talks that President Miles loves! It's been really cool to study it and to learn more about how to use the Atonement my life.  Jesus lives and he loves us! 

Que pasen una linda semana
Hermana Dean 

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