Monday, April 25, 2016

04/25/16 Group Email

Another amazing week out here in the mission field!
So we've been working with our most solid investigator, Esperanza from Spain.  We taught her the first lesson on Friday and it was so good! We were outside, sitting in this quiet park, and the spirit was SO strong.  I've never cried in a lesson.... but I was VERY close to tears when I receited the Joseph Smith vision.  I've said it over a thousand times, but for some reason, I felt the spirit sooo strongly this specific time.  She was holding onto every word, looking right at me.  It was incredible and definitely something I'll never forget! She's been to church twice, so hopefully we'll get her on date this week!

Yesterday at church something that Hermano Gonzalez said really struck me.  He was talking about missionary work and he said (translated) "every single one of you in this room, are here thanks to missionary work." Holy! my mind was blown! It is so true! Every single one of the members are either converts, or their parents were converts. The spirit just hit me when he said that.  Missionary work is soooo important and changes people's lives forever.

So a little bit ago, we got a very vague referral of "a family that from Colombia over there in that area" haha, very, very vague, but we decided to go out and find them! We walk over to a very sketchy apartment building (golden for Spanish family) and started walking around.  We noticed this elderly woman sitting up on her porch, so we went over and asked if she knew anyone who spoke spanish.  Her nurse that was with her, said there wasn't anyone around her, but then the elder lady said "well actually, try this house over there on the corner.. they speak some language i don't understand, maybe it's spanish" Sure enough, we went and knocked, and it was the Colombians!! There house was in the middle of all these doors, so we never would've found them! Suuuch a miracle! It was very cool.

So the other day we were trying to figure out where to eat lunch... after trying two restaraunts, we decided on Wendy's haha.  We had been walking around forever and couldn't decide on anything, so as we were walking in I said "there better be someone in here who speaks spanish!" Sure enough, walk in and immedately spot a latino. he was from chile and who adorable twin boys.  

Miracles are EVERYWHERE.  They literally are everywhere, we just have to spot them.  I love being a missionary! The experiences we have up here... they are incredible and are all due to the grace of our Lord.  

Have a killer week!

Hermana Dean 

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