Monday, April 18, 2016

04/18/16 Group Email

Oh it was such a great week! 

We picked up two new investigators this week, wahoo! We had a lesson with our investigator Edgar, who happened to have an 18 year old girl named Juliana there.  She's from the DR and has only been here for 4 days.  Edgar was just wanting to bible bash and he wasn't too into it, but the moment I started saying the First Vision, evertyhing changed! The spirit was SO strong.. it was the coolest thing! There is such power with those words.  And Juliana's jaw DROPED.. she was loving it.  She was still kind of timid when we left, we invited her to church but she didn't come, but I know she felt something.  So hopefully tomorrow we'll have a lesson with her! It was seriously such a cool lesson.. the spirit is so real.  

A couple weeks back, the Elders met this girl in Wendy's from Spain.  She has her daughter who's 26 here and they're going through some pretty hard times with the government right now, but we were able to have a lesson with her! Esperanza is her name, and she came to church yesterday! It was so cool! The members gave her such good fellowship and she felt right at home.  So hopefully we'll have some good things happen here in the next little bit with her.  

We were walking around downtown (it is so beautiful with all the green trees and flowers! And so many people are out walking and there's musicians on every corner playing music.. downtown Calgary is so pretty) and we pass this restaurant that has a big Venezuela flag in the window, so naturally we walk on in.  It was around 3 so nobody was in there, and this sweet old woman from Venezuela was there! We played it like we were looking at the menu, but we struck up a good convo! And then her husband walked out and oh man his face was priceless.. He thought he would walk out and see some Latinos speaking.. haha nope! He was very shocked.. made for a good laugh.  They were sweet, hopefully we'll see them around! 

On Saturday Elder Christofferson from the 12, Elder Martino from the 70, and Elder Spackman from the 70 came and visited! IT WAS SO COOL.  Our entire mission went to one chapel, which neeeeeever happens. It was the most amazing sight! We got the most incredible trainings and the spirit was so strong.  Elder Christofferson is amazing and holy his testimony was the strongest thing ever! I learned a ton.  The main things he mentioned were:
-Read the Book of Mormon.. the desire you have to read that book, shows how truly converted you are to the gospel. If you have any doubts, your answers will be found there.
-A grateful heart is easier to feel the spirit - pray with gratitude!
-The best setting to receive revelation is during scripture study
-Everything in the gospel turns back to repentance
-There's a lot of negative, but choose to see the positive 

Tons more, but those were mainly what he focused most on! 

I love this work.  I love being a missionary - I am so happy here and will never regret this decision to give everything to Lord and serve Him.  He's given me everything, the least I can do is serve Him for 18 months.  Read the Book of Mormon! That book has such power!!

Que esten bien! 
Hermana Dean 

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