Monday, August 8, 2016

08/08/16 Group Email

Another great week up here in Calgary. A couple miracles we saw.. So we were without a car for a couple days. Which was TOUGH. Our area is huge, so it was quite the process to bus and take the train everywhere. But it was good! We were able to meet and contact a lot of people. A couple Latinos, which we ended up seeing some super far away and had to follow them a couple blocks until we could find the perfect time to contact them. It is quite the game trying find these Spanish people. But one of the miracles was as we picked up our car, we saw this Latino from across the parking lot, dressed up in worker clothes, totally eyeing us. My bomb comp then yells, in Spanish "Do you speak Spanish?" He says Si and comes over and we start talking. His name was Oscar from El Salvador and he told us he'd been to some Mormon churches before and had investigated the church. He said "actually, I worked on your car and I saw your "I'm a Mormon" cards and it made me start to think about the church." So that was pretty cool! And right then and there, for whatever reason, we started talking about Jesus and how he got baptized and we brought up the Priesthood and everything. It was a short little lesson and we gave him a card and he told us he would call us if he was interested, but it was definitely a neat miracle! We knew that having to fix our car would turn out alright?
Before we had gotten our car back we were on the train and out of nowhere, this man starts yelling at us for choosing to serve our missions in Calgary.. it was so random and we just ignored him, but there were TONS of people on the train watching and we immediately got the prompting to get off. So we got up and left and waited for the next train. While we were waiting we decided it had been for a reason and that we were going to find someone to teach on the next train. Well we get on and start looking up and down the isles, and both of us fix our eyes on this guy sitting up at the front. We go and sit behind him, start talking and end up giving him a Book of Mormon! It was cool! He was from Nigeria and was 19 and about to go off to University. It was pretty amazing to see the spirit tell both Hermana Amaller and I that he was the one we needed to contact.
We went downtown to the Latin Expo and met TONS of latinos. It was great! Calgary is the cutest city and has soooo much culture. We hung out by the food stands and were able to strike up some good conversations with the spanish people selling food. We also had our friend Dany with us, which was awesome because she got to see what we do as Missionaries. It was a blast!

Well I love this work. I'm so happy here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now! Love you all!

Con amor,
Hermana Dean

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