Tuesday, August 30, 2016

08/29/16 Pictures

exchanges with Sister Halliday  
We did service for this man who lives clear up at the top of this hill/mountain. We helped paint his house. The view was beautiful!

 Mama Lola
Gloria got baptized! She's the elders investigator that we've been helping fellowship  
After Gloria got baptized, she started sobbing.. it was such a powerful moment!
Two girls from our English class, they are going back to Slyvokia (i don't know how to spell that) 

A lot of good bye pictures :( They even announced in sacrament that I was getting trasnferred and had me come up and bear my testimony.
too many people to name, but I love them all so much and I'm sad to leave


We drove out to the mountains this morning and just found a mountain peak and parked and hiked it! It ended up leading into a trail called Praire Mountain. It was beautiful!

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