Monday, August 15, 2016

08/15/16 Group Email

Hi everybody! What a good week!
So we have been teaching these adorable twin sisters, Maria Fernanada y Maria Jose. They are considered the investigators of the Evergreen Sisters in our zone, because that is where they are going to church, but we have been team teaching them because Maria Fernanda is deaf and the Evergreen Sisters both can do sign language. So, the lessons go with us teaching Maria Jose with the Aunt and Uncle (in Spanish), while the other Sisters teach Maria Fernanda in ASL (American Sign Language). It has been quite the experience! The Spirit is always sooo strong in our lessons and it is INCREDIBLE to see them teach in sign language. The twins are so sweet and we are all such good friends! Our lesson last week, we were in the middle of teaching when the Sisters leaned over and said "We just invited Maria Fernanda to be baptized and she said yes" my mouth dropped! I was like "are you serious?! Just now?!" so then we invited Maria Jose, and she said yes! it was so cool!! They are so prepared and are loving learning. We are praying that everything works out with them getting baptized, but they are pretty golden. It has been such an incredible experience and no matter what language we are speaking, the Spirit works the exact same.

Another cool experience we had. So we've been teaching this lady in our ward who just needs some extra help. We were teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and she started pouring out her heart and soul to us about all this stuff that has happened, and it was deep stuff! And here we are, 20 year old girls, and have no idea what to tell her. She finishes talking and I swear God was speaking to her, through us. It was incredible. I finished speaking, said "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." and I literally felt something leave my body and my voice went from a different tone, back to how I usually sound. Hopefully that makes sense, but it was an amazing experience! Both Hermana Amaller and I felt it. The Spirit is so strong with us while we are teaching and I have such a strong testimony that we are saying the words that God would have us say.

Yesterday I was studying about God and His characteristics and I came across the three words, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. I wasn't quite sure what those words meant, so I looked them up in the awesome study guide and learned the significance of each one..
Omnipresent: The power to be present in all things, all the time
Omniscient: The power to know all things
Omnipotent: The power to posses all power
For our dinner message, we shared those three definitions and said "This Being who is with us all the time, knows all things and has the power to do anything, put us here on this Earth. And of alllll the things he could have done, he put us here in our specific families. Families are so important! God could've given us anything, and he gave us our families."
So to all of you, be sure to treasure your family! Family is so important!

Love you all, have a good week!
Hermana Dean

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