Monday, August 22, 2016

08/22/16 Group Email

Hey fam! 

Well another week come and gone. We had a lot of excitement with our little Rama! On Saturday, we had our picnic and EVERYONE was there. It was sooo much fun. We went down to this river campsite and ate tons of food and played sports all day. It was so fun. I love my little Canadian Spanish family :) Then yesterday, a youth in our ward got his mission call! As I was sitting there, I looked around the tiny living room and saw alllll these members that I love so much. We were all squished in this little room and it was sooo hot, but I have never felt so much love. It went silent as he opened his call and then he read Argentina and everyone started screaming and hugging each other! It was one of the best moments of my mission. Sooo much love. I sure do love our little Spanish Branch.

So last week were sitting outiside the chapel having a lesson with Alex, when I notice that Hermana Amaller is staring at someone off in the distance. Alex asks "what the heck are you looking at?" And so I turn around and I see the back of this guy standing on the sidewalk... I recognize him from somewhere, but I can't remember where. Then out of nowhere, I scream "Spencer!" he turns around and starts walking toward us and I get up and start walking toward him. He was the investigator of the the sisters I lived with A YEAR AGO when I was in the area. I had only met him once, in passing. He had a baptismal date, but for some reason it fell through and the sisters lost contact with him. He was so excited to see us and we exchanged numbers and the sisters have already had a couple lessons with him. It was the coolest miracle ever! The spirit was so strong! What are the odds that he would be right there, in that moment, and that I would remember his name?! It was amazing. (all the while Alex was there watching us who doesnt' speak a word of English.. he was so confused hahah) it was quite the miracle!

So the twins... yeah. I was so excited last week because they committed to baptism. Well, they took themselves off date and we haven't been able to meet with them :( we have faith though! But it was quite the blow when we found out. Missionary work is so good, but man sometimes it can be hard when they don't choose the right!

Alex is doing good! He is progressing. We had a really good lesson with him and some Colombian people in our ward. I had the overwhelming feeling to talk to him about his future kids and wife.. Before I brought it up I said in my mind "okay God, help me with what I need to say!" and it all went really well! He really started thinking about what he would want for his future family and he said "I want them to grow up in this church. And I want to marry a girl who's a member of this church" It was sooo cool! So now we're working with that. He is soooo close to baptism.. so so close! He just has to take that leap of faith! We have been working so hard with him and I've learned SO much as we have studied and prepared for his lessons. But overall, he's slowly progressing and he'll get to the waters of baptism someday!

I love being here! I love being a missionary and wouldn't trade this time for anything. Thanks for your support! Love you all!

Hermana Dean

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