Monday, December 5, 2016

12/05/16 Group Email

Hey fam!

This week was just great. A lot of ups and downs. On Thursday, we had the feeling to randomly stop by Lorena Reyes. So we did and she just started unloading all this stuff to us.. She was telling us some of Junior's doubts and how he has gotten into some anti-mormon videos. So it was really tough to hear! But Lorena is sooo solid, she said "I told him that I am going to that church with our children, with or without him. I know it's true, I can't deny it." So that made me happy! The following night we had a lesson with them and Hno Fernando and we watched the talk "Come, Join us" (I think that's what it's called in English) by Pres Uchtdorf, and it was soooo good. It was exactly what they needed. We ended the lesson and then Junior starts bible bashing us.. the first time it had happened, pretty sad. It was more a lot of questions he had, but he had them because he had been reading stuff against our church. But thank the heavens that Hermano Fernando was there because he was sooo amazing. He totally won the Bible bash!! He had all the answers to his questions. Then he started going off about the Book of Mormon, which is nothing new to us, people bug us about the Book of Mormon all the time, but oh man when he started talking it really stung. So I cut him off and just started testifying my heart out. And of course.. I started bawling. It was the first time I'd cried during a lesson with them, so the whole house went silent and everyone was listening. I kept picking up the book and holding it up in the air (I literally felt like I was preaching haha) and testified with everything that I had, that I knew that it is a true book. I think I was mainly upset, because he hasn't even read the book! And he's just assuming it's not from God. So I kept telling them over and over that they had to read it before they deny it. Then after I finished my cry/testimony haha you could tell he felt so bad and then he started praising me and telling me how much he respects me. It was so nice! He really is the sweetest and is like my Dad up here in the mission. But I think it really got me, because I love them so much. More than anything. It's different when somebody on the street tells you stuff about the church, or even when some less active members that you're not close with.. but when somebody that you love with all your heart does.. it's a lot harder. So it really really got me. But afterward, it was all good. The spirit was very very strong and I know with all my heart that the Lord was guiding my words. We ended with the video by Elder Holland about the Book of Mormon (so powerful!) and then we all knelt down and held hands. Hno Fernando prayed. He even cried during the prayer!! I've never heard him cry. It was so sweet. Lorena at church yesterday.. she's now the Relief Society Secretary! A huge calling! She accepted it yesterday and was just glowing. She's so happy! I have truly seen how the Atonement has changed her.

Anyways, life is good! Missionary work is tough.. but it's so rewarding and brings me so much joy. I know my Savior lives

Hermana Dean

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