Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12/19/16 Group Email

Hey fam! This week was great. We had the Relief Society Christmas Dinner and the Ward Christmas Dinner, so we have been super busy helping out with those! The Ward one was so good! It's definitely a different experience being able to go around and sit at every table there to talk to each person.. it's quite exhausting but fun to talk to everyone and get to know them better. We got asked to sing (hna Vera, obvi not me) and play the piano (me) 15 minutes after the dinner started haha. You would think I'd be used to getting asked to perform spontaneously by now, but it always comes as a surprise. But we killed it and Hermana Vera's voice sounded awesome! After the dinner, they had a Nativity and all the little kids were angels.. it was so sweet! We also had the mission Christmas party, which was really spiritual! I loved it.

Yesterday I gave my farewell talk.. It went well! I just shared why I served a mission and some experiences that I've had out here in the mission field. I"m excited to live up this week and finish it off with Christmas. We have soooo many plans.. everyone wants the Missionaries when it's Christmas time, so it'll be a neat Christmas.

Y wow a miracle we just saw! As I was sitting here emailing, I was kinda looking around and then saw someone who I recognized who was leaving the library.. it was Blanca! A less active who we used to visit every week. But then they suddenly moved and we completely lost contact. So I got up and ran out and chased her out of the library and she was so happy to see me! She isn't doing too well and asked if we could come visit her tomorrow and gave us her address and phone number! Wow such a miracle. God is always giving us miracles, we just have to find them!

Anyways, I'm so happy to be a missionary. I love this work and I love being here serving the people of Canada. Love you all! Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Dean

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