Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12/12/16 Group Email

Hey fam!

This week flew by! It is SO great to be a missionary at this time. Seriously, everyone is so happy. We're used to people ignoring us or being rude, but I've been able to yell "Merry Christmas!" to anybody, and they ALWAYS respond happily. It has been so great :) So something kind of crazy.. we were cleaning out our area book (while playing the game of life, baking cookies and jamming out to Christmas music) and Hermana Schnebs may or may not have totally found the teaching record for Junior Reyes in 2008!!! WHAT the! It was crazy! It is so funny to read about. The Elders only taught him twice and they couldn't get back in with them because "the wife doesn't seem very interested" hahaha so crazy. It was quite the mind blowing moment. You really have no idea who you touch or the difference you can make in someone's life, even if it takes 8 years to see something come of it!

Last Monday we had a beautiful Noche de Hogar with Obispo, his wife and Bryan. There house is easily the most spiritual home I have ever stepped foot in. They are such amazing people. We watched the Christmas video and read the Christmas story in the Bible and BOM and then we played a board game.. which was the best! We had so much fun, and we all got so into it. But I really just love it up here. I can walk into any member's home and honestly feel at home with them. They all have the biggest hearts and I'm so lucky I've come to know them all so well.

Something that made my day yesterday - so we were in Gospel Principios and an inactive family walks in.. I didn't recognize them. After the class, I went over and hugged the Mom and introduced myself to her. I told her I liked her scarf (because it's so cute!) and you could tell she was very touched that I liked it. 5 minutes later, I put my arm around her to walk out of the room with her and she takes her scarf off and says "here, this is for you" I was shocked! I was like noo no I can't take your scarf! But she insisted and whispered "really! i know where I can buy myself another one" It seriously was the sweetest thing ever! I was so touched. Some people can be so nice!

On Sat we went to the temple! It was my first time going to the Spanish session. They have one in the Calgary temple once a month. It was amazing to see all our members there, both from el Barrio y la Rama. It was really a tender moment. And really neat to go through it in Spanish! The spirit was really strong and I recieved a TON of revelation, which was cool.

Well, love you all! Have a wonderful week. Don't complain about the cold because it is nothing compared to up here! Seriously.. I have never been so cold in my life! #trulyCanadian

Hermana Dean

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