Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19/15 Group Email

This was a really good week! Our two investigators, Leila and Luis BOTH came to church yesterday.  It was amazing! Hermana Allphin and I were sitting in the middle of the bench, with our two investigators on either side and our fellowship family on the other side of him.. ah it was so cool.  I felt so much love for them in that moment.  I could feel how happy they were and it made me so happy too.  Luis has his baptism this Saturday and he couldn't be more excited.  It takes a lot of planning, especially because he doesn't really know a ton of people in the Branch, so we've been having to figure out who to ask to give the talks, baptize him, and all that, but the Lord has his hands here in our work and we've been able to figure everything out! It was Leila's first time at church, but she loved it.  She knew a ton of people there and it was all around a good experience for her.  The primary asked me to go in half way to practice with them to play the piano.. they are so cute.  Their little voices when they speak spanish... darling! Ah church was just all around so good. I felt so happy all day! These members feel so much like family and I absolutely love them.  And Spanish is coming along so great! I love studying and practicing it and I've been giving my full heart in learning it.  Yesterday as we were driving home on the free way, we passed this man on the side of the road looking at his car.  We drove on by, but then seconds after we instantly felt the spirit to go turn around and offer help.  So we did, and we literally pulled onto the side of this freeway, got out and asked if he needed anything.  He asked if we could PUSH his car down into this little ditch so that we could jump it.  Haha we were like yes of course!  So we get out, he's in his car, we're on the side of the freeway with cars speeding on past, we are in pencil skirts, and we were just pushing the heck outta this car.  We slowly but surely got it to roll back into this ditch, where we were able to help him jump it. We talked to him about the church, he wasn't interested.  But it was such a good feeling knowing we had listened to the spirit.  And hey who knows, maybe the day that the missionaries knock on his door, he'll let them in because he'll remember us helping him! Always follow the spirit!  My comp and I were looking for this house the other day.  We got off the train and saw houses up on the side of this hill.. so we were thinking that it was up there.  So found ourselves in the middle of the Canada Stampede park! Haha it's the huge park with all these horse statues where they have the giant Stampede parade in July. It was so cool to walk around it and see everything! We crossed over the river and hiked up all these stairs to get to the top of this hill, and the view was beautiful! It was overlooking the entire city and the river and ah Canada is so beautiful.  I'm loving every moment here. Canada is amazing and I'm so grateful to have this opporunity.  I love working with these Latino people, they have the most loving hearts and I'm so happy I get to be apart of their lives right now.  I love you all! 

Hermana Dean

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