Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/15 Pictures

 Last week when we went through Stampede Park!
  Luis! I love this man with all I have! 
The Elders in the Branch that we serve with.  
(There are only six missionaries in the Branch, and six in the Ward.)

 Luis! After he got the Holy Ghost

My companion Herman Allphin 
 We carved pumpkins! 
Sister Wagstaff
 Sister Joseph
 Halloween party with the roomies 
 The family Morales.. their Dad was in the car so he wasn't in the pic, but they really have changed my life.  When we met them the very first week of my mission, they were no where nearing going to church.  But slowly, they've started coming back.  They stayed for all three hours yesterday! They are so much happier with the gospel back in their lives.  Hermana Morales is like my second mom. We visit them every week and I feel at home when I'm over at their house.  Their granddaughter Sarah, is the cutest little girl I'v ever seen. And Karla is just amazing.  Definitely a family I will forever remember 
Pretty lake that was off on the side of the freeway.. gotta love Canada

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