Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 - Group Email

This week I gained such a strong testimony of... Planning! Every week we weekly plan for a good 4+ hours. Our area(s) are so huge, we have to plan everything down to a T.  On Friday we weekly planned all day, especially for Saturday.  We had all the people we were going to visit, where we were going to go, everything was planned exactly.  Our day did not go as planned.. but it was amazing!! First off we ate lunch with some members. They are from Spain, so they cooked us salmon and it was AMAZING. I love salmon! One of the first meals I've had here that hasn't  been completely crazy haha. Then as we were driving down to a Potentials house to stop by, our Less Active called and asked us to come over and visit him... um, okay! So we went and had a lesson with him. Then we headed back up and decided to stop by another less actives house. She was home and welcomed us in, well it turns out that she had another less active family there with them! So the less active's Mom came in and we taught both of them.  Nos fuimos su casa y headed to dinner.  We had a few minutes before we needed to go in, so we decided to look for a referencia's house. We ended up getting completely bible bashed by some guy from Africa who thought we were crazy.. it wasn't fun haha. We then headed into dinner, which was a family we stopped by a couple weeks ago who are completely inactive. We walk in and they had THREE other less active families there.. FOUR LESS ACTIVE FAMILIES were at that dinner!! It was a miracle! It was a crazy dinner.. they had the smallest house, there were eight adults plus us in the kitchen, 15 or so kids running around. When we got there, the food still had and hour and 20 minutes to cook haha (Latinos take their time when it comes to cooking) and the whole setting was crazy. We spent a couple of hours there and shared a message and left.. Hermana Ratliff and I walked out and just died laughing.. it was the craziest scene with all these Latinos screaming in Spanish, it was so overwhelming, but so good! On Sunday - two of the families came to church! It was sooo cool! So so cool. We've been working with going down the ward list of Less Actives, visiting them and getting to know them, and it has been the biggest miracle. The Lord has directed us to the houses we needed to stop by, which has lead us to other people we needed to visit, and so forth. It has been the biggest miracle! This past week we played Volleyball with our ward and it was SO FUN! Latinos get soooo into sports.  They had all this Spanish music playing and were getting super into it, screaming things in Spanish. It was so awesome. I love the Spanish culture and meeting all these amazing Latinos up here.. they are so loving! The work is going good, still looking for Investigators, but working hard with the Less Actives.  Tengan una buena semana y recuerdan que El Savlador siempre esta aca para nosotros y el sabes las cosas que necesitamos en nuestras vidas
Con amor,
Hermana Dean

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