Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2/15 - Group Email

Transfers were this week!! It was a hard change.. I absolutely loved my last area, but this new area will be good and I know I'm supposed to be here! We had Leila's baptism on Saturday and it was amazing. She absolutely loved it.  It was such a happy day and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to teach her for the past three months! My new area is beautiful! Our church building is right on top of this mountain / hill that overlooks the entire city and the river.. it's so beautiful. Yesterday I got to meet all the members in the Ward. It was really good! I felt just at home and I know I'll grow to love them more and more every day.  Embarrassing moment... I saw a flag pin on this Hermana's shirt at church and it totally looked like Guatemala.. long story short, don't ever try and think you know a flag! It definitley wasn't Guatemala and Latino's do not like it when you try and guess where they are from haha! Halloween was good! We had to be inside at 6 rather than 9, so I taught my companion how to play hand and foot ( the best game ever ) and so we played that for a good couple hours.. it was really fun! But yeah, this week was a lot of moving and getting settled and meeting new people. It was really good! I'm excited to start working here.  This morning we went downtown, across the water, and walked to the Calgary Tower. It was beautifil! and it was snowing ( ohh it was cold ) but it was beautiful! We found a couple people who spoke spanish along the way, which is always fun.  I love serving here in Calgary! It's a beautiful city with amazing and the most loving people.  That's about it for this week.. hasta luego! 
Con amor
Hermana Dean

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