Monday, November 9, 2015

11/9/15 Group Email

This week was so good! Since we're both kinda new to this area, we had to figure everything out this week. Which was hard, but man we saw some incredible blessings.  We taught A LOT of less actives, and it was so amazing! We would happen to be driving through an area, pull out the list of names, and we would just choose the name that we thought we needed to visit.  Every single name we picked, was one hundred percent directed by the spirit. One of the names we went to visit, was the cutest, most sweetest elderly couple from Spain.  They were SO excited to see us and we sat and visited with them for awhile.  He told us they can't attend church because she has Alzheimers and can't remember anything.. so sad! So we're going to start teaching them every week :) and another family we picked of the list, was a sweet family from Colombia.  We shared a message with her, and that was that. But the folllowing day at church, one of our members told us that that less active who we visited, called her and said how much it meant that we took our time to visit her and that she hadn't been forgotten! I LOVE working with less actives.  Seeing the light come back into their lives is so amazing and the most rewarding feeling. Funny story of the week, we were eating at our members house the other night and they have this cat... named Fluffy.. that they just love.  We were eating, and the cat jumped up onto the table, walked over my companions food, and jumped into her lap.  I have never had to hold back my laughter as much I did in that moment.  My comp's face was PRICELESS. And the member just kept on talking like nothing was happening.  Oh man, I was dying. I had to put my hand up over my eyes and my elbows on the table, so I couldnt' see my comp, it was that bad.  Hahah it was funny.  The work up here in Canada is going so good! I love it so much. The Spanish is coming along so great and we just have a blast driving around Canada, being inspired to know the families we need to visit.  I love you all! Have a great week!

Con amor, 
Hermana Dean
Ps.. it's snowing and freezing!! Pray for me! 

The city at night!
Last night we were driving and all of the sudden the sky was ORANGE! It was pitch black outside expect for over in the distance.. it was orange and then it faded into green.  The picture doesn't give it justice, but it was a taste of the NORTHERN LIGHTS woot woot, Canada is so pretty! 

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