Monday, May 2, 2016

05/02/16 Group Email

Such an amazing week!! 

Our investigators, Esperanza y Yamila from Spain, came to church yesterday! They loved it.  Esperanza was bawling at the end of sacrament meeting because she felt the spirit so strongly.  It was very cool! 

So a couple days ago we were contacting doors that appeared Spanish and we met someone so rude I couldn't believe it. I've only been very angry twice while knocking doors, and this was the second.  I was SO mad! He slammed the door and I was so close to ringing his door bell over and over, but instead I just screamed "Oh my gosh! Are you for real!?" and my comp grabbed me and ran me off the porch.  I was very mad.  Well, as I was being mad I didn't feel like talking to anyone, so I just kept walking and my comp said she felt inspired to knock a certain door. So I trudge up to the door, and low and behold, a family from Peru. Now that was not a fun lesson, but I learned to get over the little things! Even though that man was VERY rude, I was upset and wasn't able to recieve revelation to know to knock the next door. Good thing my companion was listening to the spirit, because I sure wasn't! Always let the little things go, so the Spirit can keep talking to you!

We went to Banff this week! It was so fun! Jennie and Jamil, from Spain, took us.  They're newly weds and so cute.  We had tons of fun and Canada is so beautiful.  The mountains are amazing! I would say 3x bigger than the ones in Utah.  They are beautiful and it was so fun to go out and explore a little! 

Well not a lot of time, but have an awesome week! I love you all and I love being here.  Time is FLYING!! 

Hermana Dean

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