Monday, May 16, 2016

05/16/16 Group Email

This week was good! Nothing too much to report on... We had two exchanges, which were fun! I stayed up in Spanish for one and then went downtown in the English program for the other.  My English comp and I were teaching our less active, Hermana Stanvick from Peru, the third lesson.  We found her a couple months back when we had lunch with our Relief Society counselor and she gave us a huge list of women to visit.  So we started visitng Hermana Stanvick every week! She is really sweet and has a heart of gold.  Well, while we were visiting with her last week, out of nowhere she said that she wants to start working toward getting her endowments! IT WAS SUCH A COOL MOMENT.  Sadly, I could only enjoy it with her and not my companion, because she didn't have a clue what was going on (since she doesn's speak Spanish), but it was such an amazing moment! We're so excited for her and hope everything goes well. It is just amazing to me how the Lord let's us know who He wants us to visit.  I had never even heard of Hna Stanvick's name, until we had lunch with our member and she felt like she needed us to visit her.  So cool how the Lord works

We were walking and contacting up in this neighborhood and out of nowhere this guy comes.. he was.. well, he was crazy.  He was super tall and had super super yellow teeth and was basically speaking jibberish.  Well he was very interested in my comp and not me (thank goodness) so I kinda just let her take the contact, and when she finished up she went to shake his hand and he went straight in for the hug! He completely over towered her because he was so large and my jaw just instantly dropped.. I mean, when you go in for the handshake, 99.99% of the people shake your hand back! So when he went in for the hug, I was so shocked. I was wondering what my companion was going to do, because if it were me, I think  I would've just closed my eyes and taken it... but I was very proud, Hermana Allphin jumped back and started x-ing her hands and saying "no no no sorry so sorry but we can't hug.. bye!" and he walked away kind of upset.  I have never laughed so hard.. I'm telling you, I had to stop in my tracks and bend over because I coldn't breath.  It's the little laughing miracles that get us through each day haha.  

Esperanza is.. good! We had a lesson with her last week. She still doesn't feel ready for baptism.. so we are still praying and teaching her. She didn't come to church yesterday, which was a bummer, but hopefully God will give us a miracle this week and she'll pick a date! 

Another tender mercy that happened this morning while we were shopping at walmart... a couple weeks ago we met this guy named Gustavo, and if you have the name Gustavo, you speak Spanish. Super super nice guy, works back in the photo area, is from Venezuela, super interested in what we do.  Well we met him maybe two weeks ago, and then this morning, we ran into him again! (Good thing I like taking and printing photos, or else we never would run into him) and he asked us for a book of mormon!! Yay! So hopefully something will pick up there.. but definitely a cool way to find a new investigator! Printing pictures at walmart! You never know who's ready, talk to everyone! 

Well I love you all! I love being a missionary. I'm so happy to be here. Calgary is beatufiul and the people are incredible.  Que esten bien! 

Hermana Dean 

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