Tuesday, May 31, 2016

05/30/16 Group Email

This week was good because we picked up a new investigator!! Her name is Adriana and is from Colombia. She was a referral from a member, and is sooo sweet! We had such an amazing lesson with her and she's so pumped to learn about the gospel! (We'll just forget the fact she didn't come to church to Sunday, but little by little). So we are super excited about that!

A really cool experience that we had this week.. one that I will never forget. Our appointment cancelled, so we had a little bit of time. We were a specific area and we were low on kilometers, so we weren't suppose to drive. We were thinking of who we could visit, when all of a sudden a less active's family name popped into my head. We had only visited them once and I hardly knew them, but I felt like we should stop by. So we drive over there and start thinking about what we need to share. Ether 12:27 pops into my head and we head up to the door. Hermano answers it and doesn't look so good... the house is super super messy, which is not really like them. He kind of hestitates to let us inside, but eventaully let's us and leads us upstairs. We go up there and find Hermana in her bed... and man, she looked so bad. We cried the entire visit and told us she has been suffering from depression and has been in bed for 15 days. It was kind of an awkward situation, because we had no clue what to say, or how to help her! But the spirit completely led us. Hermana Allphin stood at her side, and I sat down by her on the bed, and we just held her hands. She was sobbing and it was one of the most tender moments I've ever experienced. I was nervous to share Ether 12:27... that's not the perfect scripture for the moment, but I decided to share it anyway. And oh my gosh, I was such a baby! I had never cried in a lesson before, but the spirit was SO strong, I just bawled! I couldn't even read the scripture! The spirit was incredible and as I held this sweet Hermana's hand, as she was looking at me with tears in her eyes, I felt so much love. I finished the scripture and bore testimony on why we have our weaknesses. Hermana Allphin said a really beautiful prayer. We left and were speechless.. we had NO idea what she was going through! The Lord 100% led us to her house and told us what to say. It was one of the most powerful, incredible experiences I have ever had. It is moments like those that make being a missionary so amazing. Moments like those that I had never experienced.. I couldn't even imagine expericing them! Being an answer to someone else's prayer.. it is something that you could describe. I'm so so so thankful to be a missionary! The Lord is guiding His missionaries everyday.

I love this gospel! It is such a blessing. Go out and share it with others!! Que esten bien!

Hermana Dean

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