Wednesday, May 25, 2016

05/24/16 Group Email

So this past transfer we got a booklet with a bunch of talks on the Atonement.  President Miles gave it to all the missionaries and set up which days we were going to read which talks. Seriously was the coolest thing ever! My testimony grew SO MUCH.  The last day of the reading, we all went to the temple! It was the most incredible thing.  Walking into the Celestial room to see 60 missionaries.. and the room was DEAD silent.  I was praying and I thought I was alone, it was so quiet.  Then afterward, we had a testimony meeting about the Atonement.  A meeting I will never forget.  So always after those meetings, I feel so pumped! When you get a huge group of missionaries together, who all have such strong testimonies, you just pump each other up! So after the meeting, we headed downtown, but the appointment cancelled.  So we just started walking around, I was wanting to testify to EVERYONE. So I did, and it was awesome.  But... we got bible bashed... THREE TIMES.  All in the span of less than an hour. Haha people are crazy sometimes.  But I didn't even care! By the last bible bash, I was getting so tired of hearing the same babble I faked a phone call, said "sorry we gotta go!" grabbed my comp and turned and left.  But I came to realize, if you stick strong to your testimony, nobody can take it away from you! 

Hermana Sucuqui is a less active member in our ward from Mexico. She's super sweet and we've gotten to be pretty good friends.  The other day, we felt like we needed to visit her. So we set up and appointment, went over and chatted, and shared Ether 12:27.  We asked her if she knew anybody who needed that same message and she looked around and whipsered... "don't say this name out loud! But call him tonight and read him that scripture!" and writes down a name and a number.  We left and were very confused... well, fast forward a couple days - we get in contact with the man, have a lesson with him, and he starts bawling! (Which is always good!) and is SO READY for the gospel! like unbelievably ready! We had to pass him off because he lives across the river, so on the other side, but I know the Spanish Elders down there will take such good care of him! We then see Hermana Sucuqui at church, and we report on what had happened.. she told us that the day before we visited her, she was talking with Marlon (oh yeah, his name is Marlon, he is from Nicaragua) and he asked her for God.  He said "I want God in my life, but I don't know where to find him." Hermana told us that she didn't give him to us right then, because Marlon is best friends with her husband... who is very AGAINST the church.  So she didn't want to make him upset.  But then she said, right after, we called her to set up an appointment! She thought, "well that was werid.." but still tried to push away the sign.  We then share Eter 12:27, which is EXACTLY what Marlon needs in his life... she still tried to push it away, but finally, we got her with the classic "do you know anyone who needs this message?" She said by that question, her mind was blown and she knew that God was putting us there so that she could give Marlon to us. It was crazy! The Lord works in mysterious ways! 

Everything is going good in the best mission in the world! So happy here! It SNOWED on Sunday, so that was pretty nuts haha. But now it's sunny and warm! Loving life and loving being a missinoary! Que esten bien!

Hermana Dean 

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