Tuesday, May 31, 2016

05/30/16 Pictures

We met some other sisters at the parking lot at like 7 in the morning, and I just pulled up right next to them, we got out and got in their car. well when we got back, around 7 at night, everyone started laughing at me! I had parked in FOUR parking spots.. four!! The parking lot was pretty much full, excpet for the four spots I was taking up. Everyone was laughing and all three of them said "we were wondering if you were really going to park like that!" it was super embarrassing
Pretty lake that we taught Bryan at

As we were driving home from Lethbridge, we pulled over to look at this car thing. I get out, turn around, and see FIVE LAMAS! What the heck! We are in Canada!!! So I start running toward them, and all five of them start running toward me! It was such a good moment! I was so happy
Sister Training Leaders
Hermana Ticona from Peru.. we're teaching her daughter all the lessons to prepare her for her baptism

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